Friday, August 21, 2009

School Days

School has started for our now four-year old! Tre started his Pre-K on Wednesday and has really enjoyed his first couple days so far!

Wednesday was just a short hour-long day where Tre got to meet his teacher and fellow classmates. Mrs. Holtson is his teacher's name, and apparently she's a favorite of all the Pre-K teachers! At the parents' meeting Tuesday night she explained some of the class procedures: as soon as Tre gets to class he gets to choose where to spend his free-play time and what kind of drink he'll get at snack time. He really likes this and was telling me on Wednesday how he was gonna get to play space guys on Thursday! (apparently that's one of the free-play stations)

On Thursday his table was the helper table and Tre got to turn off the light in the classroom and close the door behind them. Tre loves helping... and so this made his first day really special! And on Friday it was Tre's turn to take the snack bucket in; the children each have a turn to provide snacks for the class, and Tre especially loves this part of going to school! He's still learning his classmates names, for now we only know Gracie because she was in his class last year. But I know as he spends more time with them daily he'll open up more and learn more names.

As Tre has been at school Colin and Emma have been hanging at home with me. Emma is still discovering rolling over and entertaining herself with toys, so Colin and I have been able to really spend some time together. We play blocks, puzzles, and roll/throw a ball around. I think he really enjoys having all my attention. I was kinda nervous about him being upset with Tre & TJ leaving without him, but luckily the transition has gone well. He starts school on Tuesday, so hopefully that will all go well too!!

New and exciting stuff is coming the next couple of weeks: Tre has his four-year old Dr. check-up, and his soccer stuff should start-up soon. I'll be sure to keep you all updated!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tre's Party

Well our little boy is growing up!! We celebrated Tre's 4th birthday today with a SpiderMan party! And we had a blast!!

For decorations I went a little crazy! We used streamers to make a webbed ceiling in our TV room; the kids loved that! Our friend, Shelly, drew a SpiderMan on our easel w/ a Happy Birthday Tre sign. And then we created a little web/SpiderMan guy right in entrance-way hall, so when Tre came home with TJ from getting SpiderMan balloons he was bombarded with SpiderMan stuff! He was a little overwhelmed!!

For our first game we went outside and put on SpiderMan masks and had a silly string fight (it was our "web", get it?!) The adults had fun!! The kids... not so much. Colin just stood next to the patio couch out of the way, and Tre started in the game with us, but got too upset with the mess and started crying. Oh well...

The next game was a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey type game. We had SpiderMan stickers to put on a SpiderMan poster with bad guys around him. If you put a sticker on a bad guy you got points. But the boys just basically liked putting the stickers on SpiderMan, they didn't quite get the point of the game. Oh well...

We moved onto presents. Tre got a "The Flash" T-Shirt ("The Flash" is a superhero that runs really fast, we thought this was appropriate since Tre says his superpower is running fast!), a soccer ball (we signed him up to play in the Sonshine Soccer league starting soon!), UNO, and a Toy Story marker coloring book. And in his card he got $5 Davis Dollars (he was really excited about that!) Then came more games... Tre played Wii with Bryan Geer, Ben, and Shelly. And we pulled out an inflatable jumpy toy that Colin had a blast with. So we basically spent the rest of the evening with those two games, and had dinner & dessert too!

We took some video, which TJ says he'll post sometime, somewhere. Clear as mud, right? Anyway, Tre's actual birthday is Tuesday so we'll continue the celebrations then with a pizza night and maybe even a movie! Then we've got six weeks until Colin's birthday! But I'm sure I'll post some more craziness from the yellow house before then!!