Friday, November 21, 2008

The Plan Today is...

Stress. It comes naturally during the holiday season. Even more so when economic times are sucky. For the past several months I've been trying to find a job, with no luck. And now we've come to the decision to sell the yellow house. In the past week we've changed our future plans several times: from staying in the yellow house to going to Florida, and back again. But the main gist is we're staying in the yellow house while trying to sell it, and still going to Florida for the holidays. Best of both worlds! But still stressful!

So Thanksgiving will be spent at the Ruhle house. Tre is looking forward to seeing all his Florida friends, as well as the idea that he and Colin get to share a room at Oma's house! TJ is looking forward to Bobby's fried cajun turkey; while I try not to stress!!

- Jo

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Music People

We are music people. There are some people who are animal people, or out-doorsy people; the Davis family are music people! Just call us the Von Trapps, except we don't sing; we rock out! And when I say "we" I mean the boys of the family. I can bop my head with the best of 'em, but the boys really like to get into the music: air guitar, air drums, raising of the rock fists - you know, good ol' rockin' out!

Wednesday nights are when TJ plays at the student services Adrenaline & Elevate. I like to take the boys up to church when I can so that they can see their dad in action, and they usually rock out by dancing in the back of the room. Last night was no exception, Tre & Colin were bopping their heads (Tre) and playing air drums (Colin), thoroughly enjoying the music. It was the first time Colin was really, really into it - he kept walking around the room, stopping randomly to play the air drums, and then kept walking trying to get as close to the stage as possible. And Tre seemed to absorb the music just sitting in the back and taking it all in. It also helped that TJ played Tre's favorite song, Remedy!

It was good going up and seeing the boys rock out: it reminded me of how much we are music people, and that when we get back into town I need to continue to take them up to church, no matter how pregnant I am!! We'll be out of town for the holidays, going to Florida for Thanksgiving until New Years. It'll be easier to just stay in Orlando instead of driving back & forth twice within a month; we're treating it like a winter break for me and the boys! So updates will come soon from the Sunshine State. Until then... rock out!
- Jo

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby Emma

Baby Emma is healthy! We got a good report from the Dr. today, and we are very thankful! Here's the full-story:

We had our first ultrasound for Emma on Oct. 3 while the mommas were in town. This is when we discovered that baby #3 was a girl, but she was too small to measure all the organs and limbs required for an ultrasound (we had scheduled the ultrasound too early, so we weren't really concerned). So, ultrasound #2 was on Friday, Oct. 31 - Halloween! It was just supposed to be a routine ultrasound so I went by myself. When the technician was checking Emma's heart, she couldn't really get a good look at everything. Whether Emma was turned the wrong way, or there was something wrong with the heart I'm still not sure, but the technician didn't like what she saw. So she suggested that we go see a specialist in Birmingham to get a good look at Emma's heart, to make sure that everything was ok. That's when I wished TJ had come with me to this "routine ultrasound".

For the past eleven days I've been trying my best to not show my concern. We really didn't tell a lot of people because I couldn't admit that something might be wrong with my baby girl. I tried to remember all my activities of my first-trimester, afraid that I had somehow caused this in Emma's heart. Although I wasn't sure what I should be afraid of, since we really didn't know what, if anything was wrong. So I just tried to think of it as a second-opinion, and kept things up-beat.

Today TJ and I drove to UAB in Birmingham. Now THIS is a hospital!! It's seriously like four-city blocks big. It's the biggest hospital I have ever seen and, from what I've heard, one of the best. We, of course, got lost in the hospital, but not too bad. And we arrived at the doctor's office thirty minutes ahead of our appointment. We were in the waiting room longer than we were in the exam room! The ultrasound exam took all of ten minutes, and the Dr. was very thorough: checking every vein, chamber, and medical who-zi-whats-it having to do with the heart. He didn't see anything wrong with Emma's heart, and said point blank "you have no reason to be worried about your baby's heart." Thank You, Lord!

So that's the update with Baby Emma. Hopefully the rest of the pregnancy will be boring by comparison! And she'll get a good "no more scaring mommy & daddy" lecture upon her arrival!

- Jo

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Boy's Night Out.

So technically we weren't "Out" but we did have a boys night Friday. Jodi was helping out at the girl's retreat, so me and the boys were kickin' it. Instead of pizza we decided not to cook and went out for some gourmet high brow food...Wendy's. Can you guess what Tre had? Bet you only one guess. The night was pretty a good way. Unfortunately the boys caught a bug and aren't feeling well, they should be going to the doctors in the morning. Well football's on and the boys are coming toys in hand, so me and Jo are going to play.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So...a little late but here are a couple of pics of Colin's first Halloween. He was dressed as Bam know from the Flintstones. He had fun being drove around Taylor Road Baptist's Fall Festival. Tre was dressed as Peter Pan, but was kinda cold, and a little quiet, because of a new place and lots of people. We didn't get a good pic of Tre in his outfit on the digital so his pic will be posted once i get some film developed. Tre has discovered a love for lollipops. Well I'm going to watch some more election results.