Friday, October 30, 2009

"I'm Gonna Take a Shower"

"I'm gonna take a shower. I'm gonna take a shower." Now imagine Tre chanting this while he's in the bathroom waiting for his very first shower. It was hilarious! Tre got to take a shower tonight because he wasn't here for normal bathtime. He and TJ were out at a football game, and they didn't get home until after 8! At first TJ told him that he wouldn't take a bath because of how late it was, then I suggested a shower. I wasn't sure how he would react... but it turns out, Tre loved the idea! Thus, the chanting! And the actual shower went well too! He's now a shower boy!

Tomorrow's Halloween... pictures will be posted! I promise!!
- Jo

Friday, October 23, 2009

Carving Pumpkins... and a Watermelon?!

Getting into the Halloween Spirit!!

Carving Pumpkins... and a Watermelon?!

Yes, we carved a watermelon! About a month ago my parents brought up a watermelon and as it sat on our counter I began to wonder... why couldn't you make a jack-o-lantern out of a watermelon?! So we decided to give it a try! We also carved
Tre's little pumpkin that he brought home from his field trip about a month ago! You can see the finished products!

In other yellow-house related news: the kids are doing great. Colin has been bitten by a hugging bug cause lately he gives just about everybody a hug! Case in point: yesterday TJ took Colin to see a co-worker, Steve, to talk about audio stuff. As they were leaving, Steve got a hug! As they were picking up Tre a little girl said good-bye to Tre, she got a hug too!! And, if you know Colin, at bedtime you don't just get a kiss and a hug, you get noggin, pounds, high fives, park-it, and another hug and a kiss, and maybe one more pound. He's such a sweet boy!!

Little Miss Em is going through three or four outfit changes a day. But that's just due to her diapers not fitting (she gets to graduate to the next size as soon as she uses up all of these) - but still, I'm hoping this isn't going to become a norm for her!

So, yeah... that's about it! Blog soon!
- Jo

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Can Take a Hint!

My sister-in-law, who is a wonderful person, likes to drop not-so-subtle hints about this blog! She sent me a text today asking about what's going on in the yellow house - needless to say, I got the hint!!

My reply to Heather's text was haircuts and lunch, which I later thought might sound a little weird. But that's really what was going on - the boys got their haircuts (Tre's picture day is tomorrow!) and then we had lunch! I love being able to cut the boys hair at home... but I'm pretty sure we're not going to be able to take that approach when Emma needs a haircut!! :o)

Last Friday Tre and I had a Mommy Day: we had lunch together and then took a trip to the Art Museum! But in between those two locations we went to one of the greatest stores ever: Best Buy!! Tre had seen the store while we were at lunch and when I told him that they sold video games there, he wanted to go! I told him we could go as long as we didn't buy anything. And it's a good thing we made that deal, because Tre and I could have done some damage in Best Buy! We looked at all the movies, video games, computers, and made our way to the TVs. Tre's face was awesome as we walked through all the TVs, and then he said, "I wish they had a couch here!" I told him that if they did have a couch people would never leave. Then I turned around, and saw two plush seats sitting in front of the largest TV in the store... Tre was ecstatic! So we sat for about a minute, and then made our way to the museum - where, believe it or not, we had more fun there than at Best Buy!

Not much else has been going on, but we have a pretty busy next couple of weeks. As I mentioned before, Tre's picture day is tomorrow. Then next week we have fall parties at the boys' school. Four out of the five days we'll be having some sort of fall party that the boys need to take food in for - yeah, that's fun! Then, of course, Halloween! Tre is gonna do a repeat on his Peter Pan costume, we're pulling out Tre's old Pooh Bear costume for Colin to wear, and Little Miss Em will most likely be Tinkerbell (if the USPS can deliver the costume on time!) So, yea... that's about it. I'll blog again when Heather drops another hint!! :o)

- Jo

Friday, October 9, 2009

Week in Review

We had a pretty good week in the yellow house!

Emma got her first tooth in!! Which is good 'cause it was giving her some trouble; she had a fever and wasn't going to sleep all that great (once asleep she did fine, but getting her there was hard). So, yeah!!! It's finally in!!

On Wednesday Tre went to the Pumpkin Patch on a field trip with his school. He had lots of fun, and brought home a small pumpkin as a souvenir! But... picky eater that he is... he didn't have a lunch that day. Not that he wasn't able to, the lunch that we paid for was offered (hot dog, chips, and juice) - he just decided that he wouldn't eat a hot dog in the bun, and therefore didn't eat at all. Poor kid was starving by the time TJ picked him up from school - a full six hours after he had eaten breakfast! Hopefully one of these days he'll learn how to problem solve food issues... until then I'll continue to worry about him eating when I'm not there (boo!)

And Colin has found a new... how do I say this... hobby. Yea - that's what I'll call it, a hobby. He likes to empty the entire contents of his dresser. Every drawer. Every piece of clothing. On the floor. He's done it twice now. I really hope he tires of this hobby soon cause I really don't like folding clothes!!

So, yea... that's pretty much what's new around here! This weekend we have another soccer game, and TJ will be working lots as he's running lights for Junior Miss (beauty pageant) - but I'll update again next week with more craziness from the yellow house!!

- Jo

Sunday, October 4, 2009

An Update!

It was brought to my attention that I haven't updated since September 9. "Really?" I asked... wow, now I have a month to catch you all up on!! Luckily, most of you that actually read the blog have been here!! So you've gotten to experience the craziness of the yellow house firsthand!

In mid-September my cousin, Lorie, was here! She was in Alabama for other family reasons, and decided to stop by for a 24 hour visit! We had lots of fun playing trains and blocks, and by about 4 in the afternoon we had tired her out!! The last weekend of September my mom and dad came up to see Tre play soccer and celebrate Colin's 2nd birthday (which was on October 1). We got to go swimming at the hotel they were staying in, play Hungry, Hungry Hippos (mom's first time ever!), and introduced my dad to the Wii (which he now wants one of his very own!!). And this past weekend TJ's mom and sister, Heather, were up to see Tre play soccer. They had to endure some pretty frantic travel "bumps in the road" - including a canceled flight and two rental cars - so we were really glad that they went through all that just to come visit us!!

As for the kids - Colin is officially two and has the tantrums to prove it! But mostly he's still jumping off things and running around the house - same ol', same ol'!! Tre is pushing his limits to see what he can get away with - I know it's just to see how independent he really is - but, yeah... not so much fun. But he is doing GREAT at school! He knows his color names, vowels, and gets to go the pumpkin patch this week on a field trip!! Emma has been teething lately and not feeling so great; but she's sitting up so well, and is already getting up on her knees trying to crawl!! We are all doing great! And I promise I'll try to do better updating the blog!!

- Jodi