Sunday, May 31, 2009

Note to TJ (1)

This blog is for TJ since he's out of the country (he's in the Dominican Republic on a mission trip), just to keep him updated on our crazy kids. It may be a little too much information for everybody else (you may not want to know how crazy our kids really are)... but you're more than welcome to read on! (If it is TMI, just check back in next week!)

The boys really miss you! Colin asks about three times a day, "Daddy?" to which Tre will remind him that you're at a DR meeting helping people build houses and VBS (the way he says it!) We had a good morning on Saturday, the girl was up at 4am but I managed to hold off on her bottle until 4:45, but I didn't get back to bed until 5:30 so that was pretty sucky. I'm not sure what time Tre got up, but when you called at 7:30 he brought me my phone from the TV room, which ended up waking up Colin, so by then we were all up. They helped me get ready for you Mom's arrival, and we even managed to get some Wii time in before lunch! After nap time we were outside, my goal was to get them super tired... it worked! We did slip 'n' slide, bubbles, and that sidewalk paint I told you about. It was pretty awesome! After dinner & bath they were in bed by 7:30 and we didn't hear a peep from them!!

Overnight wasn't too bad, but it wasn't all that great either. I had to give Emma her baba around 11-something; Tre was up for water around midnight (which somehow woke Colin up too, but after I gave him back his baba he was good); but the weirdest one was Magoo! I rolled over around 2-ish and saw Magoo staring at me from my side of the bed. He had stepped up on the rail and was breathing on me. It totally freaked me out! I pushed him down and tried to get back to sleep but then I was worried he really needed water or to go out (since he was a punk and didn't go out before bed) so I got up and tried to figure out what he wanted. I honestly think he wanted to play cause he was high-stepping and wiggling his nub at me when I tried to put him outside. I know you have to deal with kids in your over-night shift, I never realized you had to deal with the dog too!!!

Church was good, Colin went into his room without crying! And the nursery peeps actually fed Emma her bottle on time! And when we got home from church, Emma was still in her car-seat while we were eating lunch, and she soothed herself to sleep by sucking on her fingers (middle & ring fingers) cause we left her baba at church (argh!).... so who knows, the girl just might not need her baba and we'll have to deal with weaning her off of fingers instead of a pacifier?!

This afternoon we'll probably do more slip 'n' slide and outside time. But I gotta go now and feed the girl her bottle. Love you!!

- Jo

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Kids

I was going to write about Colin being a goose... but I didn't want to leave the other rugrats out. So here's an update on all of the kids:

For a while I've been calling Colin a "silly goose" cause he's just silly. He'll start swinging around in circles for no reason. Or just start singing randomly. Being silly is becoming normal for him. And somehow "silly goose" is the name that's stuck. But recently he's living up to the name in another way. Recently he's discovered the enjoyment of goosing people! Yep... if he sees a little butt crack, he'll goose ya'!! And no one is safe. Not even Tre as he's going to the bathroom. That'll wake you up! Luckily Tre laughed... But we all have learned to watch out for Colin "the goose" Davis!!

Tre is doing well (aside from getting goosed by Colin!). He did have a mohawk for awhile and his behavior matched his punk haircut (read: he was a punk!!). But now that the mohawk is gone he's been much better. He's officially out of school. Last Thursday was his last day, the class spent it at the Art Museum feeding ducks (& turtles) outside and playing in the Kid Works area inside. We had lots of fun! We've been playing lots of Go Fish lately, which is always fun! And Tre has recently started the life-long enjoyment of video games!! He can play Wii tennis & boxing cause those are the two games that we have that don't require button pushing! He's actually really good at both!!

And Emma is officially in her own room at night! It happened by accident almost a week ago. After her bath I put her in her crib just to hang out while I was dealing with the boys, and by the time I got back to her room she was sound asleep. She fell asleep unswaddled, lights on, door open, and boys being loud. We've recently discovered this is how she falls asleep best. If you put her in her room with lights off and try to be quiet, she takes longer to fall asleep and usually cries in the process. But if the lights are on and the boys are being loud, she's out. Which is probably a good thing, cause more often than not someone is loud in the crazy yellow house!

So that's the update with the kids. TJ and I are doing also doing well. TJ leaves next week for his mission trip to the DR (Dominican Republic). Luckily his mom is coming up from Florida to help me! Can you imagine me by myself for eight days with these crazy kids!?! I don't think I would survive!

- Jo

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Would You Like a Spot of Tea?

Ever since Tre started drinking from open-lid cups ("big boy cups") he's not allowed to carry his drink around the house like Colin is with his sippy cup. And he's okay with this... he just goes to the refrigerator, takes a swig, then goes about his day playing and what-not. See where I'm going with this? Well, not quite...

COLIN came up behind Tre and grabbed the jug of tea. Now there wasn't a lot of tea in the jug because Colin was able to lift it up and take it out of the refrigerator. And then the tea hit the floor!!! All over my newly mopped kitchen floor! (I had just mopped it last week, my first time since baby Emma's arrival!!) After using a half a roll of paper towels and mopping again... the kitchen floor is now clean... again. Not sure how long it'll last, but I'll just add this to the list of things my crazy kids do.

So for all of you keeping score
Kids - 3 (powder, tre pooping outside, tea on kitchen floor)
Mom - 0

Now I gotta go make more tea, which hopefully will NOT end up all over the floor!
- Jo

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Family Movie Night

Last night was our first official Davis Family Movie Night!

I've been waiting for Tre to be the right age for him to sit through an entire movie before starting movie nights with him. I've noticed recently that he's able to focus and actually watch movies, so I thought now would be a good time to start! So last night the entire family took a trip to Blockbuster!

Tre was very excited. Of course the first movie he picked out was Veggie Tales "the pirates who don't do anything" movie... but we had already seen that on TV! So we were going to get Despereaux, until we saw Bolt! TJ and I actually saw Bolt when it was in theaters, so we knew all the parts that might be too scary for Tre. So Bolt (aka, "the dog movie") is the one we picked. We have nothing over Despereaux, it's just that I didn't know what to expect... and didn't want our first movie night to be disasterous!

After bath we set everything up. Popped the popcorn, laid out a blanket and some pillows, made it as dark as possible for 6:30 pm... and had our first official movie night! Tre loved the movie! He wants to watch it again today, and probably tomorrow too! Of course Tre doesn't like popcorn (he's the pickiest eater ever!) so he had cookies instead (actually, that's not a bad trade!) Colin watched for all of five minutes before he was off running around the room. He, of course, loves popcorn AND cookies! He liked laying on the blanket, but I think he realized that if he stayed there he would've fallen asleep (and we can't have that now, can we?!)

So the first family movie night was a great success! Woo Hoo!
- Jo