Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chicken Little

Chicken Little is that love-able character that kinda over-reacts when an acorn falls on his head. He thinks the sky is falling! We lovingly call Jodi's mom Chicken Little sometimes because she has in the past been prone to go into "Chicken Little mode" when something goes wrong (example: flood of summer '98). Well it seems the acorn doesn't fall too far from the tree! (Ha!) Yesterday was Jodi's turn to have a Chicken Little moment! Here's what happened:

Jodi and the boys were outside for the first time in a couple of days (the weather has gotten colder and this Florida girl isn't quite use to it yet!). It was still pretty cold but I figured "that's why they make sweaters, right?" So we got bundled up and headed for the great outdoors! The boys were playing really good, getting dirty, all that good stuff. Then Colin decided to climb up the ladder to their fort, and after getting up a step or two, he fell. Not too bad, he kinda went to the left of the ladder straight to the ground, not necessarily backwards down the ladder, but still. I picked him up and brought him straight inside to clean up his one main scratch on the right cheek. It wasn't until I sat him down in the bathroom that I saw his head wound. Cue Chicken Little! The head wound is just a small surface wound (a small, pea-sized amount of skin was scraped off), but still... I could just tell I was going into "sky is falling" mode! I called TJ, calmly explained what happened, and told him to come home NOW!! I continued to nurse Colin (Tre was a good help entertaining Colin while I kept ice on his head) until TJ got home. Of course, all Colin has are scrapes and bruises on the right side of his face from scalp to chin, nothing too bad... but still. It's scary for a mom to see her baby hurt!

The rest of the day was calmer, and I knew Colin wasn't feeling too bad when he kept climbing on things all around the TV room! But still, we sent the boys to bed early (Colin with Tylenol!) and hoped that today would be better. We'll probably still go outside, but no more base-jumping off of the fort!! And I'll try my best to control my Chicken Little moments!

- Jo

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Week In Review

We had a nice week this past week! The boys are enjoying the beautiful weather and want to be outside playing as much as possible! And with the exception of our rainy day Friday we've been able to do just that!

Monday TJ was able to stay home some during the morning because he was running lights for Jr. Miss that night. So the boys had fun playing with him some, then our typical day of nap, snack, then outside time. Tuesday was a typical day, but Colin had a little bit longer of a nap and Tre kept asking, "when is Colin gonna be awake?" because he just couldn't wait for his little brother to come outside and play with him! They particularly like playing in their fort: swinging, sliding, and playing in the dirt! The rest of the week was pretty much the same: boys playing and TJ bringing home the bacon!

I think the highlight of our week was our friends' visit from Florida/Georgia. Sara & Tara drove up Friday night from Orlando, then on Saturday Kate drove over from Atlanta to spend the day with us. They were able to visit with the boys, see sonogram pictures of Emma, and spend some quality "girl time" with me! We even had a nice little project of making Colin's Halloween costume: a cave-man/tarzan outfit that turned out really good!! Kate was only able to spend the day with us, but Sara & Tara stayed Saturday night as well and we invited Bryan & Tony over for game-night (the girls won!!) After church on Sunday the girls ate lunch with us then hit the road for the long trip back to Florida. I was really glad to have my friends in town: for them to see our yellow house and meet our new friends.

As we approach this last week of October we're getting ready for Tre's Halloween party at school, and hopefully we'll be able to go to the Fall Festival at church. This next weekend should be interesting because of the time-change... be prepared for sleepy children!! On Friday I also have my second sonogram so we'll get more pictures of Emma!! I think that's about all that's going on at the yellow house. I better get going, it's almost time to head outside again!!

- Jo

Friday, October 17, 2008

Holiday Season approaching

It's the middle of October and we're already talking about the holiday season. TJ and I have been trying to figure out our Thanksgiving and Christmas plans; when we're going to Florida, how to make Thanksgiving special, and how the heck we'll afford Christmas! It's crazy to think that it's right around the corner, and we really can't wait for the weather to get cooler, the decorations to go up, and how our boys will respond to all the fun!

Colin will be especially fun this year as he responds for the first time to Christmas decorations, family gatherings, and lots of food! It'll also be interesting to see how well Tre does and how much he'll look forward to everything now that he has a little bit more understanding of presents, Santa Claus and such. TJ's looking forward to seeing Colin tear into some presents, and we're all looking forward to seeing family at Christmas.

Thanksgiving will be a little difficult since we're staying in Alabama and won't have family around. But we're determined to still make it special and maybe start a couple of new traditions of our own (like making a kid-friendly Christmas tree on Thanksgiving!) Whatever we end up doing, we know it'll be special cause we'll be together in yellow house!

We're really looking forward to the Holiday season approaching! Even if it is only October!!

- Jo

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Wednesdays are pretty fun for the Davis family. TJ stays home in the morning and gets to play with the boys while Jodi enjoys watching them wrestle. This Wednesday was no exception, the boys played outside, made a mess in the TV room, and we all had a good lunch together. Especially Colin! He decided to try something new with his grilled cheese sandwich! Today at lunch Colin tried eating his sandwich with a fork! It kinda' worked because I had cut up the sandwich into small bites; but still, it was a little bit weird! We should've gotten a picture! Maybe next time...

Colin also had a bath even before lunch today! "Why?" you ask... in short because he's a mess! But here's what happened... As you know Colin loves eating other people's food! This morning TJ had a toaster strudel that Colin insisted TJ share! With the icing and fruit filling combination, Colin managed to get some in his hair. But that's not why he needed a bath, the playing in the dirt/mud outside is why he needed a bath! He was covered head to toe! It was just a nice added bonus to get the strudel out of his hair too!

Tre's had a pretty good day so far too. He keeps asking when he gets to go to school again. I'm really glad he's enjoying school and that he's learning so much! This week they're learning the letter "D" and their five senses. And next Tuesday he gets to take the snack bucket again!

That's about it for this Wednesday: eating sandwiches with a fork, baths before noon, and getting ready for school tomorrow.... just a typical day at the yellow house!!

- Jo

Monday, October 13, 2008

Those Wild Kids

You know when you're out and about and you see a couple of wild kids getting into everything and running around? Well those kids were the Davis boys today! We had our very first play date and boy did we have fun!!

We started at Books-A-Million. And if you've ever seen how much fun Colin has in emptying our bookcase, you can just imagine him in a BOOKSTORE!! He was in hog-heaven emptying as many book shelves as he could before I could get to him! Tre had fun at the bookstore too, but he had more fun at the fountain. There's a little fountain nearby that we decided to throw pennies into... you're supposed to throw one penny at a time, right? Not for Tre! He would throw as many pennies as he could at one time! I would have slowed him down except that I was trying to stop Colin from crawling into the fountain!! We left before we could make a disaster out of lunch too!

So, like I said, the Davis boys were those wild kids today! But we had fun! Hopefully we'll be invited back to another play date!

- Jo

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Across the country during the fall season, Saturday is GAMEDAY! Well the same goes for the yellow house! We don on our game shirts (Gator wear for Jodi and the boys, Hurricane shirt for TJ) and we watch college football ALL DAY! The first game day Tre decided to wake TJ up by shouting "Game Day, Game Day, Game Day!!" Of course, it was 9:30 a.m., so it was time for TJ to get up anyway!
Well today was no exception! We watched TJ's Miami Hurricanes beat up on the Knights of UCF (sorry Mom and Heather!) and TJ and Jodi watched the Gators trounce the LSU Tigers. Colin saw some of the Gator game, but only because he was fighting his bedtime. I think he finally fell asleep around 10 p.m., but he put up a good fight.
We had Big Bryan and Heart-throb over for dinner - so they got to experience GAME DAY at the yellow house too! Can't wait for next week's GAMEDAY- the Gators have a week off, and the Hurricanes are playing Duke. YEAH, College football!!

- Jo

Friday, October 10, 2008

First Post.

Welcome to the family? Today is a Friday so I'm sitting on the couch watching TV with Jodi. Colin went to the Doctor's today for his one year check-up. He is perfect and a bully.