Friday, January 27, 2012


Oh the joy of naps! How I love taking them!! How I love it when my kids take them!! And how annoying it is when they fight to take them...

What's the deal? Naps are a part of their life from day one. They go from sleeping all the time as newborns, to two good naps during the day, then they move to one nap a day. Just an hour or so in the middle of the day to refresh. They feel so much better afterwards; they behave so much nicer afterwards. Naps are great!

So why do they start fighting naps around age three and four? One day Emma won't nap, the next Colin won't nap; I seriously think it's a conspiracy some day. Emma naps more than Colin, she's better at laying down and resting.

Colin naps maybe two times a week. Most days he doesn't really need a nap, just a quiet time can do him wonders. But other days (when he's throwing a tantrum even after I've said "yes" to something) he needs a nap. I need him to take a nap! And most days he does great; today is not one of those days. He fought. So no nap. Hopefully bedtime will come soon enough and we'll both get the rest that we need!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Whole Year?!?

It's been over a year that I've blogged! Are you kidding me?? A full year - gone?!
So much has happened there is no way to make up for a year... Kids have gotten a year older, a year smarter, a year better!

We are having so much fun watching them grow!

Tre is starting piano lessons along with his baseball season. We also have a goal that he will learn to ride his bicycle without training wheels by summer time. He is so helpful around the house and his younger siblings love playing with him. He would sometimes rather play video games than play with them... but that's typical 6 year old boy stuff!

Colin got drums for Christmas. "Why?" you ask me? Because the kid is ridiculously talented when it comes to finding a beat. He's a natural and we want to encourage his love for music. He was being loud anyway with his baskets & buckets, he's just louder now!! He enjoys school very much and is quite the artist. He's also incredibly smart and will hopefully be reading before he gets into Kindergarten (a full year and a half away).

Emma has probably grown the most since the last post; which is what happens from a 1 year old to almost 3 year old. And almost three is what she's good at right now - all the tantrums and stubborness included. She can be incredibly sweet saying "Mommy, I love you." a lot! But lately dinner time has not been fun trying to fight her to eat. Eat anything. Like mac 'n' cheese. She won't do it. Lately all she'll eat are cheese sticks. Breakfast & Lunch she's fine; but Dinner is a battle. This too shall pass...

Sorry for being gone a year... Here's to not missing so much of Team Chaos!!