Monday, October 4, 2010

from one birthday to another

so the last time I blogged was Tre's birthday - and man has a lot gone on since then!! and now it was just Colin's birthday... too much to catch everyone up on; but here's the highlights:

*Tre is now in Kindergarten. A change in our plans for his education! We were going to try to keep him back a year to help him develop socially; but the VPK program wouldn't let him in b/c he was too old. So, into Kindergarten he went with us a little cautious of how he would do. About a month into the school year, his teacher said, "what were y'all thinking? he's doing great!" Another really cool thing about being in Florida is that Tre is going to my mom's school - so he gets to stay after school in her room and she brings him home; it's kind of a big deal to him!!

*Tre has also started TBall! He's only had one scrimmage game and one real game, but so far he loves it! We are totally blessed to be around family because they all pitched in to help sponsor us for the season! My mother-in-law bought his glove, my brother bought his bat, and family friends Scott & Stacey bought him his helmet! He's all set for the season and learning lots!

*Colin is now three years old - and usually acting the part. Which means whining, tantrums, and meltdowns are pretty much a daily occurrence! With Tre now at school, though, he really misses his brother during the day; and he loves going to the ball-field and running the bases after Tre's practices. But what he really loves to do now is play dress-up! A friend of ours gave us a bunch of hand-me-down costumes, and the boys love playing pirates, superheroes, or anything else their imaginations come up with each day!! You can check out pictures on facebook when you get a chance!!

*Emma is learning so many words and talking so much now! Her latest word, though, is "no"! But the way she says it is so hilarious... it's not like a typical kid "no" like she's commanding it. It's more like she thinks about something and then casually says "nooo" like she'd rather not do whatever you're asking her. Like I said... hilarious!!!

The kids do funny things almost daily - I promise I'll try to do better at blogging. You can "good grief" me if the next time I blog is Emma's birthday... that would just be ridiculous!!