Friday, July 31, 2009


Emma is mobile!! It's official!! She rolled over yesterday for the very first time, and then kept on going! She can go from back to belly, and back over! And now that she's discovered this new trick she tries to roll over everywhere! In the highchair, on the changing table... we think she's just showing off! But it's pretty cool to have her rolling!!

In the last blog I mentioned some projects that my mom and I would be working on while she's in town - we're basically painting the master bathroom and kitchen. And now that we have all the supplies we'll be getting those done over the weekend after we put the kids to bed. But it's not all work while Oma is in town; today we're celebrating Tre's birthday! We've already been to the book store (where he picked out a really cool 'Cars' book), the museum (where we also fed the ducks) and had lunch and a movie (101 Dalmations)! Tonight we're opening Oma's gifts to Tre, having pizza for dinner, and then cupcakes! That's just what I need... cupcakes to help keep me awake so I can paint!!

- Jo

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summa- Summa- Summa'time!

It's been awhile since I've blogged - I think this is the first since we've been home. We really enjoyed our time in Florida, but there's nothing like being home!!

The past couple of weeks we've basically been playing. Tre was back to playing Wii practically everyday; but he is now having scheduled playtimes. And soon the Wii will be available only through Davis dollars. Davis dollars is something I heard another family do that is basically in-home currency to teach kids how to manage money and earn rewards for doing special jobs around the house. TJ and I had talked about doing this as our form of allowance, we just weren't sure when to start the process. Well I guess the magical age is four!! Tre is turning four in August, so we decided that would be a great time to start. He'll have normal chores that he must do everyday (help clean his room, put shoes away, etc.) that he'll only get Davis dollars at the end of the week if he does all his chores everyday. But he can also earn more Davis dollars by doing special jobs (helping mom with laundry, helping dad with yard, etc.) that he can get whenever he goes above and beyond. The Rewards that he can buy with Davis dollars will include: movie night; playing Wii; special snack; date with Mommy/Daddy. We're going to sort of break the system in with Tre, and hopefully by the time the other kids turn four we'll have it down pat! But we're really excited about starting the Davis dollars!

Colin is talking so much more; even more so than when we were in Florida. Once we got home he's started saying: light, beep beep (for car), you (while signing thank you), please, E-O (for Eeyore), key, side (for outside)... it's just crazy how much more he's talking! And speaking of talking... Emma is a little chatter-box! There was one morning that TJ noticed Emma said more before 10am than Colin would probably say all day!! She just babbles and babbles! And the other day TJ had his mom on the phone, and when Emma heard her voice she tried to grab the phone! I said it was a girl's natural instinct!!

Anyway, that's all I can think of for now. Oma comes up tomorrow to help with kids while TJ is doing a Disciple Now event in Alex City (about an hour north of Montgomery). We're planning on doing some projects around the house (that will have to be for another blog) and celebrating Tre's birthdy with a special Grandma day (his real party will be the weekend before his actual birthday). So now that we're home and settled in I'll try to do better to update everyone on the craziness of the yellow house! Love to all!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Note to TJ - July 4th

The kids and I celebrated the holiday by swimming - a lot!!

First we went to your grandpa's house and went swimming with the Smith familiy and Stacy kids. It was really good to see Travis and Amy, but I didn't get a chance to visit with them too much cause I was busy with kids. Hopefully we'll get a chance while we're both in town. But Tre did great jumping & swimming, and Colin was fascinated by the gnomes around the pool!

We went back to the Ruhle house where the party started sometime during our naptime. We basically did our normal schedule with snacks & playtime with the party going on around us. I had several comments about Tre's vocabulary and how outstanding it is! And people loved seeing Colin dance and of course commented about his eyes! Emma was squeeking away as usual, and people were convinced she was telling them something (which I'm sure she was!). Overall it was a pretty normal day, just filled with more swimming and more people around!

Bobby & Uncle Roger were in charge of fireworks, which is always interesting to witness. You never know what's gonna happen with those two around! Luckily the kids slept through it all... amazingly enough cause they had some mortars going off - and they were loud!!

So it was a good holiday! Not sure what the plans are for tomorrow; I guess we'll just see what the day brings!
- Jo

Friday, July 3, 2009

Note to TJ - Silliness!

Today was a silly day! And you know our kids... so you know just how silly they can be. Well, if their normal silly is like a 4 on any given day, today it was a 7!! But we had lots of fun, and it was a great day!!

We ran errands this morning with Oma: first to Target where we tried to get Tre a belt but couldn't find any small enough. Then to the dry cleaners where Oma tried to drop off a curtain, but they don't clean curtains so it didn't work out so great.... but while we were there Tre and I decided that it was the clothes cleaning store (to go along with the food store, belt store... you know how he is). We ended the outing with a trip to the park, where we decided to use the curtain as a blanket for Emma to sit on while the boys played. I think this is where our silliness started. Tre and Colin were running around, Papa Calvin brought Daisy up to visit, and we just had a generally great time - you know, being silly.

The funniest thing was the car-ride home from the park! We were dancing to all our favorite dance songs in the car, and teasing the kids about not having any nuggets or fries at Donald's. And I kept saying, "we will not tolerate silliness in this family" - but in a silly voice, while being silly. It was funny! I think we wore ourselves out cause we all had a good nap/rest time afterwards!!

Uncle Brian & Aunt Heather were back over to help with preperations for tomorrow's party. And the boys were really helpful too! The three of us were window washers: Tre squirted the Windex, I used the squegee (or however you spell that), and Colin had the paper towels to clean up the spots I missed. It was pretty awesome teamwork (you could practically hear the Wonder Pets theme song!!) They also helped Oma pick-up flower trimmings outside and clean the front walkway. As a reward they got to go swimming! But I think they wore themselves out cause they were in bed by 7:40, and I haven't heard a peep from them since!

We miss you lots! I'm glad we got to talk to you on the phone some tonight. We'll have to do that again before you go off to camp! Love you!
- Jo

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Note to TJ - Friends & Family

So today was a pretty good day. We started the day off reading comics at the breakfast table - the boys and I - it was a Kodak moment (which, of course, Oma got!)

Then the kids and I played in the morning before going to lunch with the Kittle & Lloyd families. Everyone was laughing at the boys singing "Boom Boom Pow" and loving on Emma while she was trying to take her nap. While we were there we told everyone about all of our super powers, and Tre gave Ray the power to sing (good choice, huh?) and Brenda the power to drive (but I'm not sure why...) Anyway, we had a great time and it was so good to see everyone and catch up while we were all in town!

After lunch we had nap/rest time. Colin & Tre did great, but Emma was not in the mood to be in her bed. I guess with so many people holding her at lunch she still wanted to be in someone's arms even at home. After nap Heather Ruhle came over and visited with us! She was walking around with Emma waiting for Brian to show up cause she wasn't use to carrying a baby for so long and wanted to tag out! But I ended up tagging her cause it was time for Emma's bottle. Then Brian showed up in time for dinner and playing with the boys; he even watched bathtime and was laughing at our crazy boys in the bath!

Overall, it was a pretty good day... except with the sad news that TJ's grandma, Jean Fisher, passed away today. She was a great lady; I'll remember her smile, and her sitting at the table playing cards or just talking with everyone. For the past two weeks her family has been by her side caring for her and saying goodbye. She passed peacefully in a room filled with memories, pictures on every wall. When I went by today I was amazed at this incredible family who, in their grief, were still taking care of one another: Jan was reminding Grandpa to take care of his breathing medicine (or something like that), Heather was getting travel arrangements for you, Corin was taking care of Ma - who was taking care of everyone, and I was offering to help with the service. It was really cool seeing everything in action: everyone pulling what we do best in the real world for this familial situation. I am very proud to be part of such a family... and I know Grandma Jean was too! We'll miss you Grandma!

More to come...
- Jo

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Note to TJ - Toy Story

So here are notes to TJ - part 2. He's in Alabama while the rest of us are in Florida (read previous blog for what's going down with that...) Anyway, I figured you're reading this to know what's going on with the kids just as much as TJ, here we go:

Today Tre watched Toy Story for the very first time! I asked him which part was his favorite, and he described a scene that I don't think was in the movie. Something about toys coming together to rescue a girl? I don't know... I'll ask him tomorrow and see what his answer is then. BUT, I did ask him which he liked better: Buzz or Woody. He likes Buzz!

Colin got a special outing with Oma and Papa to run errands at Sam's. They must have tired the boy out cause we had some major tantrums during bath and while trying to go to bed. He was mad at me cause I only gave him a few bath toys and not all of them; it could've been World War 3 for all I know the way he was crying. Good Grief! And even after I put him to bed he was still whiny and cried about every five minutes. I finally gave him some drugs (read: Tylenol), so let's hope that works!!

And Emma is very close to rolling over! Even though TJ told her not to do anything fun while he's away, she's might do it anyway! I know that Colin's foot in her side prevented her from rolling over today... but we'll see about tomorrow!

I'll try to blog more over the weekend!!
- Jo