Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Days

We are in full summer mode!!
Kids are up at 7am (they still don't understand sleeping in!!)
We're pretty much in the pool swimming everyday (it's too hot to not be in the water!!)
We do a weekly library run; but honestly we get more movies than books (still learning!)
We watch movies and play video games, read our books, and play lots of imagination games!

In two days we leave for vacation and I'm totally excited about it!!
On Sunday we're taking the kids on a treasure hunt on this pirate ship in St. Augustine! The kids don't know about it yet, and I can't wait to see their faces!!
The rest of the week we'll be hanging out at New Smyrna Beach - with one extra trip to St. Augustine to see the fort and visit with TJ's dad... the kids already know that we'll be bowling, seeing a movie, and having lots of fun!! We're all super excited!!

At the end of summer we'll celebrate Tre turning SEVEN!! It's hard to believe!! He wants a Star Wars/Pool Party so I'm working on finding a friend who can teach a Jedi Academy (complete with light saber training); and the pool will be "recess/free time" - we'll see how that goes, but I'm really looking forward it if I put it all together!!

gotta go pull kids out of the pool; they're pruney!!