Friday, June 4, 2010

Little Monsters!

This morning our little monsters were really "Little Monsters"!

Colin is usually our only monster. He goes around the house "rawring" at people. Today he had an accomplice! Emma!! She mimicked her brother, and with arms up would "rawr" at us! It was very cute. And she was quite proud of herself!

When they do it again I'll try to get pictures! But if you see us remind me - you may get to see a live version!

- Jo

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Three Months... Lots of Changes

It's been almost three months since I've last updated the blog... but as many of you know, we've had lot going on! Due to circumstances the Davis family is back in Florida. It's been good, it's been tough at times, but overall our family is transitioning pretty well.

Being back in Florida brings many positives... like seeing our friends & family more often! So far we've seen siblings and parents every week! We're swimming, going to the beach, and even a half-day trip to DisneyWorld! The kids have taken it all in stride. The boys may occasionally mention Alabama or the yellow house; but we just acknowledge that we miss our home, talk about all the good things in Florida, and then move on to the next subject. So far... so good!

I'll continue to update about the kids and all their craziness! But since we are in Florida I'll warn you now - you may get a shout-out (seeing as how it's mostly family that reads the blog anyway!).

- Jo