Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Silly Boys

Here are pictures from our lunch yesterday. We got a new camera a couple of weeks ago, so we're trying to be better about taking pictures! Anyway, as you can see, our boys were being silly so we decided to capture the moment!

This is Colin's "mad" face. If you tell him no or he doesn't like something he'll give you this face. It comes from our Llama Llama books, this is the face mama gives little llama when she's mad! Colin does a very good impression!

This was TJ's hat when he was little, the boys like wearing it now! Tre looks just like his daddy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cell phones

My kids know about cell phones. They know about texting and twitter.

Example: Colin had my phone and was playing with the buttons. I asked him what he was doing; he said, "texting Mamaw." Yeah... my kids know about cell phones!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big Steps

We've had a couple of big steps today in the yellow house! Figuratively & Literally!

Literally: Emma walked! She took her first couple of steps tonight! She's been standing independently for awhile, so I knew she was close. And tonight she got those first couple of steps under her belt! It was quite a night!

For our "figurative" big steps: Tre told a little girl that he loved her! It was cutest thing ever! Over the weekend he made a little note for this girl, Annabelle, in his class. And at church he made a Valentine's heart. So this morning he was nervous about going to school and even tried to get out of going. But I talked to him and told him that he had to go to school, and that Daddy would help him get his presents to Annabelle. So once at school TJ talked to Tre's teacher, Mrs. Holston, and she called Annabelle over. Tre handed her the note that said "I love you, Annabelle" and the heart. She gave him a big hug! TJ said it was pretty cute. Now Tre wants to write another note to Karolina, another little girl in his class. Yep, that's our son!!

As you may have heard it snowed last week in Alabama! But since our kids were sick we didn't partake in the adventures of playing in the snow.... so, no stories there! Fortunately everyone is feeling better, and hopefully the weather will get warm soon so we can go outside and play!

I'll blog soon about Emma almost being one and all the fun things she's doing now! Love to all!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I can't believe it's been a month since I've blogged last! So much has happened, it may be impossible to recap everything... so I'll try my best!

The weather got warmer which meant the boys spent more afternoons outside! Even little Miss Em got to go outside some! She sat in the swing for the first time ever, and loved it! She kept kicking her legs! She also tried the slide, but didn't like that as much. We went on wagon rides with all the kids... and then it got cold again. Oh well. It should get warm again soon, then more wagon rides will be in our future!

Tre and I had a Mommy Day a couple of weeks ago. We had lunch together, went to the bookstore to get him more chapter books, and then shopping. He really wanted to go to the museum, but I didn't want him to think that every Mommy/Daddy day was about going to the museum. It's about spending time with us, no matter what we're doing. So I didn't take him to the museum, but I did let him pick out anything he wanted when we went shopping. Which he chose a Toy Story video game! So I joked that I won the "mom of the year" award for talking my child out of going to the museum by buying him a video game!! HaHa!! But at least we had fun together!

TJ and I were both super busy during January; TJ was out for a weekend and then I was out for a weekend two weeks later. But the kids did pretty well during all the changes... when TJ got home Colin kept saying "Mommy do it", which kinda drove TJ crazy. But Colin eventually got over it! Then when I was out TJ said the kids did great. But now he has a newer appreciation for when he's gone!!

Here are some of the newest things that the kids are doing: Colin is talking so much more, and is so sweet! He says "miss you" if you've been gone for awhile. Tre is learning lots at school, and is really looking forward to his class Valentine's Day party next week! And Emma is cruising! Which means she can walk along the furniture, and has just mastered walking behind a toy baby stroller! She should be walking independently within the month, just in time for her birthday!

Speaking of birthdays, mine was yesterday! So we took the family bowling, which the boys kicked our butts!! But they had bumpers, so next time we go TJ and I are going to even the playing field and get bumpers too!! Then TJ and Tre made my birthday cake (chocolate & chocolate!) and we had our monthly movie night to end out the festivities! It was a great day, and my boys made my day super special!

Next month Emma will turn one, but hopefully it won't be a month before I blog again!
- Jo