Monday, June 29, 2009

Crazy, Sad, Whilrwind of a Summer

It's been just over a week since my last blog about Mike Wazowski. We're still healing... and now we're dealing with the soon-to-be passing of TJ's grandma. I'll try my best to explain the whirlwind this summer has been so far:

We left for Florida a day earlier than planned two weeks ago because TJ's grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer and given six months to live. We wanted to make sure we saw her as much as possible, so we jumped in the car and hit the road. After visiting with her some we headed over to the St. Pete area for my brother's wedding. So far this event has been the only shining star in our otherwise crappy summer. It was a beautiful event! If we weren't dealing with the death of our beloved dog, I'm sure I would have enjoyed it even more... but, what can ya' do?

When we got back into Orlando we realized that TJ's grandma health was rapidly decreasing, so we made sure we saw her as much as possible. We left Florida knowing we would be back soon... but we didn't think it would be three days soon. Since TJ has his student ministry camp next week and some other travel arrangement-hoops that we need to jump through, we're back in the car tomorrow. We're praying for grandma to not be in any more pain, and also praying for the rest of the family as we deal with our loss. I can't imagine trying to explain the loss to Tre - he still doesn't quite understand what happened with Mike Wazowski; but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

So I ask that you pray for our family. Pray that this crazy, sad, whirlwind of a summer will take a turn for the better, and we can see some more bright shining stars in our future!
- Jo

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mike Wazowski

It is will tear-filled eyes that I am writing this blog. Our beloved bulldog, Mike Wazowski, is no longer with us. He passed yesterday from heat-stroke and complications at the age of 6. He was a great dog. Loud, but great. A pain sometimes, but great.

TJ and I got Mike a week after we got back from our honeymoon. He's been a part of the Davis family from the very beginning. I'm not sure how he got the nickname Magoo, but if I wasn't calling him "Michael" for getting on my nerves, I was calling him "Magoo". And even though he was an English bulldog, TJ and I would tease that he must have had some German in him because he liked to do this high-step march at times. And when he was really excited he would wiggle his little nub and put his front paws down, then jump up at you. Yes, our bull-dog jumped! And ran sideways when he was really excited. And Mike was a tough dog. There was one time he got in a little fight with my brother's dog, Vader, and he came out with a broken jaw. But you wouldn't have known it, cause Mike never showed that he was hurt - he was bulldog!

Mike definitely prepared me for having kids. He was always loud except when he was getting into something he wasn't supposed to be doing. Much like my kids are today! Mike was my cuddle buddy, always trying to steal my blanket and my spot on the couch! I will miss Magoo very much... he can never be replaced.

- Jo

Monday, June 8, 2009

TJ's Back!!!

As you can tell from my previous posts, or just take my word for it, we survived TJ being out of the country!! He got back a couple of days ago sleepy, but had a great week of ministry! But I think he forgot just how crazy our yellow house can be! This morning Colin was running down the hallway screaming and TJ asked, "when did he start doing that?" I gently reminded TJ that that was Colin, and he's always done that! And Emma took a day to remember her daddy, but by today she was smiling and recognizing him again. When I told Tre that TJ had landed in Atlanta, he ran to the window, looked outside and said, "but, Mommy, I don't see a plane." He told TJ that he missed him more than TJ missed him back... it was very sweet to see their reunion early Sunday morning as Tre cuddled with his daddy!

So, all is well as we are reunited back under one roof! I really appreciate my mother-in-law coming up for a week to help me keep my sanity! I think now she'll believe me when I tell her the yellow house is a crazy house! She's lived here a week to understand!!

Oh, and a funny story before I go. Tre was looking at pictures of Emma's baby shower and picked two that he said were his favorite. One was me opening presents, and the other was me showing off the pretty cake. I asked him why they were his favorites, and he said, "cause they are the most beautiful." I asked him, "you like them for the presents & cake?" Tre says "yeah". I asked, "Or because mommy's in them?" Tre says, "Naaahh. It's the presents & cake." Eating humble pie again!!

- Jo

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Note to TJ (5)

Another 7am morning, which was glorious! Except that it was a rainy morning so the kids were inside the whole time, and Tre kept asking when we were leaving for the movie! Which was awesome! I decided to do lunch & a movie so we left around 11:30 and headed for Donald's. That's where we sent you the "miss you, daddy" video! Then we left for the movie theater. He was very excited about getting a movie ticket, and even handed the ticket to the usher (which I was really surprised that he took the initiative!) We went to the concession stand and I let him choose whatever type of candy he wanted. Of course he chose M&M's! And I snuck in some juice boxes so he was a happy boy! The movie was good, but loud; he spent most of the time with his hands over his ears! And overall I think he had a great time! What was really funny, though, was that on the way home he asked about nap time and whether or not he had to take a nap. He got so excited when I told him that we had skipped nap time - I think he liked that almost as much as going to the movie. Anyway, he asked when we could go again and I told him next time we would have to take you cause you like movies a lot too! So get ready for the questions of how soon we can go!!

Oh! And Colin has learned how to hug; like really hug! It's so cute! He'll put his arms around my neck and I'll say "squeeze" and he hugs so tight, it's awesome! I can't wait for you to experience it!!

Well, I should probably get going; we're visiting with Dax & Melissa. They got here around 4:30, ate dinner (oh, Colin likes salad... I'll tell you more about that when you get here!), and now we're just hanging out and talking. Only a couple more days til you get home, and I can't wait! Seeing that movie really made me miss you more! Love you!

- Jo

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Note to TJ (4)

Yes! We actually had a great morning! Wanna know why? Cause we all slept in... 'til 7!!!! Even Emma slept 'til 7! It was a glorious morning!

After breakfast I finally weeded the garden, with the boys help. Which means they were throwing dirt and digging holes... but still, we had fun. The rest of the day was spent inside playing games and such. It was a pretty quiet day as far as activity goes, but it was still a pretty good day.

Dax & Melissa ended up not coming up today cause of sickness & fatigue, so hopefully we'll see them tomorrow. Tre and I are going to the noon-ish movie of "UP" tomorrow and we're both pretty excited! I got juice boxes from the store to sneak into the movies, but I know we'll also go the concession stand - cause you gotta do that on your very first movie experience! As you can tell, I'm super excited! I wish you were here to be a part of it... but since you're seeing "UP" with the students on Monday (and I don't really like any of the other summer movies for Tre) I figured you'd be okay with it!

Well, I'm off to watch "so you think you can dance" with your mom! Aren't you sad you're missing it?!? Love you!!

- Jo

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Note to TJ (3)

Well 6:30 am is a better wake-up time for our children... but it was still a long day! I made them stay in their room until 7, and then they came and cuddled with me in our bed until breakfast, so at least the tantrums were fewer today!

We went to the museum today and decided to feed the ducks first. I went on the sidewalk next to the pond and we fed the ducks from behind a small hedge, which actually worked out cause then the ducks couldn't attack us like they were the other children who were feeding them from the lawn (in front of the hedge!). I didn't actually plan that... but really glad it worked out that way! So I gave a couple of broken pieces of bread to Tre to throw to the ducks, then I gave Colin his piece of bread - which he put directly into his mouth! I should've known better: when you give Colin food he's gonna eat it!! But after watching Tre for awhile he got the hang of it, and we sent you a video of how much they enjoyed it! After the feeding we went inside the museum, which we walked through pretty quickly, so I think it's safe to say the best part of the museum was outside with the ducks!!

After nap we decided to hit the pool again, which now Colin actually says "pool", so that's pretty cool! It didn't last long, though, 'cause we heard some thundering. So we came inside and played games (video & card) for the rest of the night. Ben & Jon came by for dinner and games, which you'll have to ask them about Tre playing boxing with Ben and tennis with Jon... pretty funny stuff! The boys stayed and talked with Ma and I, and I think you got busted on a couple of things... again, ask the boys!

Supposedly Dax & Melissa should be stopping by sometime tomorrow on their cross-country trip. Dax said it would either be tomorrow sometime, or Thursday morning... so, we'll see about that! Anyway, love you lots. It's getting late so I'm gonna hit the sack! Love you!!

- Jo

Monday, June 1, 2009

Note to TJ (2)

Well.... we had a quite a day! Like I told you on the phone we were all up at 6am (which I just loved that you called, and I know the boys did too). But we had a very long day!

We decided to do a trip to Wal-Mart this morning to get some more sidewalk chalk and see if we could find another slip 'n' slide. Colin kept pulling the hose out of the one we have (remember, it's busted on the side) and it was getting super annoying! So off we went to the store, and actually found one for only $2!! We were super excited, and decided to splurge on a kiddie-pool as well! Well, when we got home, we realized why the slip 'n' slide was only $2... it busted in the same spot as soon as your mom turned on the hose. Soooo aggravating!! But the pool was a success, we just need to find a good/level spot in the yard!

After lunch we were all very tired, so I put on Wall-E for me and Tre to watch, hoping that he would fall asleep during the movie. No such luck. But he really liked the movie; his favorite part was when Wall-E and Eve were outside the spaceship flying around (and Wall-E had the fire extinguisher). After the movie we had quiet time, and got to play some Wii before going to Moe's. In Wii boxing, Tre knocks out Mamaw almost as soon as the fight starts every time they play! Not that I should talk, he knocks me out within the first round, but at least it's not at the beginning of the fight! But now neither one of us will play boxing with him, we just stick to tennis!

Emma is finding her hands some, which I know we both love that part of development. The funny thing is, she looks at it long enough just to stick her fingers in her mouth!! And she has this new thing where she puts her leg on the outside bar of her bouncy-seat, and then yells at you that her foot is stuck. Yea... that's fun!!

Dinner at Moe's was good. Colin kept saying "hey" to everyone! And once we got home we played more Wii and wrestled. Needless to say, I haven't heard a peep from them since I put them to bed! Tomorrow we're planning on going to the art museum, and hopefully be able to feed the ducks before hand. We miss you lots. It sounds like you're having a great time and I really wish we could talk more to hear all the details! Love you & miss you lots!!

- Jo