Thursday, December 24, 2009

Among the Chaos

I love Christmastime! And I am aware how crazy Christmastime can be... we had three parties in four days just last week! But even among the chaos of the season our family tends to still be "normal crazy" - still all of our normal stuff going on in and throughout all the other chaos. It's kinda fun! So here's what's new at the yellow house:

Emma is officially crawling! On her hands and knees she's crawling around and trying her best to keep up with Tre and Colin! But if they're moving too fast for her, she'll resort back to army crawling. She can also get herself up on her knees like she's trying to pull herself up. It's as if she crossed crawling off her list and wanted to move right away to pulling up and walking! We'll see how that goes!!

Colin says "OK" now. I know that doesn't sound like much. But it's hysterical! You tell him "go do this" or "give me that" and he says "OK." It's so cute! He seems to be talking more and more, and throwing tantrums more and more. But that is the life of a two year old!!

Tre had a great Christmas party last week at school. He was so excited all week about his class party and getting his stocking full of presents from his classmates. He got lots of candy, an ornament from his teacher, and they got to play a funny marshmallow game. The marshmallows were hanging from the ceiling on a string and the kids had to get it in their mouths without using their hands. Since Tre is the smallest boy in the class he had a hard time, so I gave him a boost to help the kid out! So funny!

Santa Claus comes tonight and the kids are excited! We're planning on putting reindeer food out in the yard for their snack, and of course milk and cookies for Santa Claus! We can't wait!! Merry Christmas everyone!!

- Jo

Friday, December 11, 2009


Christmas-time is seriously one of my most favorite time of the year!! I love the music, getting the tree, decorating the house, and getting gifts for my loved ones!! Love it! What I've found in the past couple of years, is that my kids love it too!!

We got our tree two days after Thanksgiving and set it up in our TV room. I decorated while the kids were sleeping so as not to have any "special helpers"! The boys love the tree... a little too much! I keep saying "away from the tree," "don't touch the tree," and "step away from the ornament!" I think next year we'll wait a little bit longer before getting our tree so that they won't be so tempted!!

The Christmas decorations are around the TV room as well. We have the stockings by the fireplace, and a couple of Santa Claus' around the room. When Colin sees the Santa Claus he points to it and says "Jesus!!" I'm not sure why he thinks Jesus looks like Santa Claus, but it's really cute & funny to hear him say it!!

Christmas time also brings the parties & special events! This week we went to Tre's Christmas Parent's Program at his school. He did so well singing all the Christmas songs nice and loud! And he looked so cute in the front row with his hands in his pockets and his mohawk! Next week we have TJ's staff Christmas party (the whole family is invited and we'll get to play games and stuff!) and we have some extra parties for the student ministry. Then the big day!! Can't wait! Now I just have to finish my shopping and wrap everything!! Yippee!!

- Jo

Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Tricks

Emma has a whole new bag of tricks!!
She can now:
*Sit up - she can go from laying on her belly, turn to her side then push herself up so that she's sitting! Because of this new trick her mattress has been dropped to the lowest level in her crib!

*Eat table food - she started spitting out her baby food and playing with the mess! Because of this she now eats "big girl food"! She still gets a bottle, but other than that... no baby food, please!

*Army crawl - she is officially crawling around the house! Because of this the boys usually don't get to play where they want. If the kids had it their way they would either play in the dining room or the boys' room all together. But since I can't keep an eye on Emma in either of those rooms they have to play in the TV room!

In her new bag of tricks she also likes to: steal her brothers' cookies at snack time, go around the house in her walker (which we call the "walka-walka"), and twist the seat in her exosaucer so it looks like she's dancing!

She's growing so fast and learning new things so quickly! I'll let you know when she adds more to her bag of tricks!

I'll blog soon about Christmas stuff... just wait until you hear what Colin calls Santa Claus!!
- Jo