Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Five Years Old!!!

August 18 - today Tre turns five years old!! He's had an exciting day so far; with more fun stuff to come!

This morning we had pancakes for breakfast! Then we played outside, which lasted only about 20 minutes because it's so blessed hot! So we came inside and Tre and I played some card games. He really likes Go Fish, but today we played Slap Jack and War. After lunch I took Tre out of the house so that Colin could color him a birthday card. I drove Tre to the Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital where he was born. He liked it, but really liked the new Winnie Palmer Hospital next door. I told him that's where Baby Ruhle will be born in December. He was very excited about that! After our drive down memory lane we went to see Oma at her school, then we all three went for a special treat at Cold Stone Creamery!! Tre had chocolate ice cream with gummie bears, Oma and I had strawberry/banana smoothies!

That's been our day so far, but tonight for dinner we're having Tre's favorite, Pizza! After pizza we'll do our family presents: we got him a baseball set (glove, ball, bat), a t-shirt (orange with gray stripes), and a SpiderMan action figure. After presents we'll have cupcakes (chocolate w/ chocolate frosting!). Then we'll finish the evening off with Tre's Meet Your Teacher. He's going to Pre-K up at the La Petite that's at the front of the subdivision. He's VERY excited about school! So it's kind of fitting that meeting his teacher is part of his birthday celebrations!

This Friday we'll have his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese with immediate family. He's very excited about playing all the games there, and spending time with his cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents!!

Can't believe my boy is five years old!! Ugh, I wanna be five again!! Bleh... anyway! Love to all!!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer's Almost Over...

So the summer is almost over, and we've been having a blast! We've been to the beach two or three times, we go swimming at least once a week, bowling, movies, and just recently got back from a lake house in Alabama. Overall, not a bad summer at all!!

Kids are doing great! Tre will turn five in just nine days!! He is very excited, and very much looking forward to his Chuck E. Cheese party! He also starts school the Monday after his birthday; he actually goes to meet his teacher on his birthday. It's a good thing he likes school, he'll think it's just part of his birthday celebration!! Colin is also doing good; he's grown so much since we've moved to Fl. He's such a little boy now. He's talking more and more, and looks to Tre on how to react to most things. Which can be good or bad, depending on how whiny Tre is feeling at the time. Emma is also growing like a weed! But she's also talking more! If she doesn't say the word she can at least grunt the intonation of the word. Like "thank you" or "love you" she sorta grunts. But she can say the words: help, momma, daddy, up... and a few more that I can't think of right now. But she really is learning lots and growing so fast!

Our time in Alabama was fun... if not different! The house we stayed at had little technology. It was kind of like living in the 80's!! The TV was so old; there was no remote, and the dial on the TV was one of those turn dials with like ten stations! And there was no cable, and no rabbit ears. We couldn't get anything on the TV! It was a good thing we knew about it going up there cause I packed a bunch of videos! They had a VCR and we brought our portable DVD player, so we got by when we needed it, but we mostly just had the TV off and actually played. Weird, huh?! Anyway, the house was on a lake so we did that most everyday. The first day was bad just because we didn't try to do anything but swim, and that gets old kinda fast. The second day we took out their boat, but it was low on gas so we didn't go very far (maybe one loop around the lake). But because of the boat ride we found the kids some life vests... and that changed the rest of our lake days! The boys would wear their life vests and jump off the dock. Tre was at the point where he was running and jumping off the dock! Of course he liked to jump about a foot from the edge and scare me every time! But whatevs!! And TJ would pick up the boys by the shoulders of the life vests and toss them off the dock. They loved it! They also had a little paddle boat that we took out a couple of times. I liked it, I don't think the boys did very much!! So all in all we had a good time in Alabama; saw some good friends, relaxed for a bit, I read two books! Not too bad at all!!

Now that school is starting soon we're trying to get back into somewhat of a routine. Hopefully jobs are around the corner and that'll help. But overall things are going pretty well here for the Davis family! I'll try to keep everyone updated with everything, even if you might already know it!!

- Jo