Thursday, April 26, 2012


My kids like to play the "Questions Game" - basically I ask them questions while they are in the bathtub. Anything from "what's your favorite color" to "would you rather drive a garbage truck or a tractor"... Here are some of their answers (Tre's answer to one question in particular reveals his character!):

would you rather drive a garbage truck or tractor: Garbage Truck
Would you rather climb a tree or dig a hole: Climb a tree
Would you rather talk like a monkey or roar like a lion: talk like a monkey
Would you rather walk like a penguin or fly like a bird: walk like a penguin

would you rather sing or dance: sing
what's your favorite princess: belle (though this changes almost daily)
what's your favorite game to play with Colin: band

would you rather sleep-in in the morning or take a nap in the afternoon: sleep-in
would you rather have a brownie for breakfast or cake for lunch: brownie
**when fighting a battle would you rather have Spiderman or BatMan on your team: who am I fighting?

**Love this!! Love how he thinks through things!

If you have any ideas for more questions let me know! We play this game almost nightly and I'm running out of ideas!! But they love it!!