Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big Steps

We've had a couple of big steps today in the yellow house! Figuratively & Literally!

Literally: Emma walked! She took her first couple of steps tonight! She's been standing independently for awhile, so I knew she was close. And tonight she got those first couple of steps under her belt! It was quite a night!

For our "figurative" big steps: Tre told a little girl that he loved her! It was cutest thing ever! Over the weekend he made a little note for this girl, Annabelle, in his class. And at church he made a Valentine's heart. So this morning he was nervous about going to school and even tried to get out of going. But I talked to him and told him that he had to go to school, and that Daddy would help him get his presents to Annabelle. So once at school TJ talked to Tre's teacher, Mrs. Holston, and she called Annabelle over. Tre handed her the note that said "I love you, Annabelle" and the heart. She gave him a big hug! TJ said it was pretty cute. Now Tre wants to write another note to Karolina, another little girl in his class. Yep, that's our son!!

As you may have heard it snowed last week in Alabama! But since our kids were sick we didn't partake in the adventures of playing in the snow.... so, no stories there! Fortunately everyone is feeling better, and hopefully the weather will get warm soon so we can go outside and play!

I'll blog soon about Emma almost being one and all the fun things she's doing now! Love to all!

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