Friday, March 12, 2010


Emma now waves!! It's pretty cute actually... you wave hello or goodbye to her and she sort of moves her arm/hand back and forth. It's the best wave she can do so far, but it's enough!

She's also walking more. I know I told everyone she's walking pretty well, and then the weekend that grandparents were here, she didn't walk at all. Go figure! But, seriously, she's walking! She basically walks from one toy to another, or from our little red table to a couch. So it's only a few steps at a time that she'll take, but she does walk.

Speaking of grandparents, we celebrated Emma's birthday last weekend with our parents. We had such a good time, and the kids loved seeing them! Emma did alright with her cake, in that she didn't completely wig out with her smash cake, but she didn't exactly eat it either. She just kind of made a mess then looked at me like "now what"? She got lots of clothes (which she really needed!) and bouncy ball toy that the boys play with more than her! But she's officially a one year old, all grown up!!

Tre is on spring break next week so here's hoping for no more rainy days so I can kick them outside as much as possible! Spring is so lovely! That's all for now! Blog soon!
- Jo

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