Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Five Years Old!!!

August 18 - today Tre turns five years old!! He's had an exciting day so far; with more fun stuff to come!

This morning we had pancakes for breakfast! Then we played outside, which lasted only about 20 minutes because it's so blessed hot! So we came inside and Tre and I played some card games. He really likes Go Fish, but today we played Slap Jack and War. After lunch I took Tre out of the house so that Colin could color him a birthday card. I drove Tre to the Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital where he was born. He liked it, but really liked the new Winnie Palmer Hospital next door. I told him that's where Baby Ruhle will be born in December. He was very excited about that! After our drive down memory lane we went to see Oma at her school, then we all three went for a special treat at Cold Stone Creamery!! Tre had chocolate ice cream with gummie bears, Oma and I had strawberry/banana smoothies!

That's been our day so far, but tonight for dinner we're having Tre's favorite, Pizza! After pizza we'll do our family presents: we got him a baseball set (glove, ball, bat), a t-shirt (orange with gray stripes), and a SpiderMan action figure. After presents we'll have cupcakes (chocolate w/ chocolate frosting!). Then we'll finish the evening off with Tre's Meet Your Teacher. He's going to Pre-K up at the La Petite that's at the front of the subdivision. He's VERY excited about school! So it's kind of fitting that meeting his teacher is part of his birthday celebrations!

This Friday we'll have his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese with immediate family. He's very excited about playing all the games there, and spending time with his cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents!!

Can't believe my boy is five years old!! Ugh, I wanna be five again!! Bleh... anyway! Love to all!!


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