Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby Emma

Baby Emma is healthy! We got a good report from the Dr. today, and we are very thankful! Here's the full-story:

We had our first ultrasound for Emma on Oct. 3 while the mommas were in town. This is when we discovered that baby #3 was a girl, but she was too small to measure all the organs and limbs required for an ultrasound (we had scheduled the ultrasound too early, so we weren't really concerned). So, ultrasound #2 was on Friday, Oct. 31 - Halloween! It was just supposed to be a routine ultrasound so I went by myself. When the technician was checking Emma's heart, she couldn't really get a good look at everything. Whether Emma was turned the wrong way, or there was something wrong with the heart I'm still not sure, but the technician didn't like what she saw. So she suggested that we go see a specialist in Birmingham to get a good look at Emma's heart, to make sure that everything was ok. That's when I wished TJ had come with me to this "routine ultrasound".

For the past eleven days I've been trying my best to not show my concern. We really didn't tell a lot of people because I couldn't admit that something might be wrong with my baby girl. I tried to remember all my activities of my first-trimester, afraid that I had somehow caused this in Emma's heart. Although I wasn't sure what I should be afraid of, since we really didn't know what, if anything was wrong. So I just tried to think of it as a second-opinion, and kept things up-beat.

Today TJ and I drove to UAB in Birmingham. Now THIS is a hospital!! It's seriously like four-city blocks big. It's the biggest hospital I have ever seen and, from what I've heard, one of the best. We, of course, got lost in the hospital, but not too bad. And we arrived at the doctor's office thirty minutes ahead of our appointment. We were in the waiting room longer than we were in the exam room! The ultrasound exam took all of ten minutes, and the Dr. was very thorough: checking every vein, chamber, and medical who-zi-whats-it having to do with the heart. He didn't see anything wrong with Emma's heart, and said point blank "you have no reason to be worried about your baby's heart." Thank You, Lord!

So that's the update with Baby Emma. Hopefully the rest of the pregnancy will be boring by comparison! And she'll get a good "no more scaring mommy & daddy" lecture upon her arrival!

- Jo


Debbie Piper said...

So glad Emma is ok, and that you are feeling reassured.

Keri A. Ward said...

YAY!!!!! I am soo glad to hear that she is healthy and well!!! God is so good! :)