Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Amazing Mike Wazowski

I realized that I haven't really mentioned our bulldog, Mike Wazowski. Yes, he's named after that lovable character from Monsters, Inc.; and for the most part matches his name pretty well. Remember the line, "I'm watching you Wazowski, always watching..."? Yeah, we say that a lot around here!

Recently we've discovered a couple of new tricks that Mike has developed. It all started with the realization that Mike can jump onto our bed. This is a new discovery because our bed is pretty tall, and Mike is really short. He's never been able to do it before, or at least never really tried. Since then we've started blocking Mike in the kitchen, so he won't be able to make any more mischief, no matter what the room! And here's where we present to you the amazing, Houdini-like bulldog, Mike Wazowski....

Mike has been able to get out of the kitchen, no matter what kind of barriers we put up in the doorways! In the past week I've put toys, chairs, garbage cans, anything & everything to block Mike in the kitchen. And each time I've come home to him sitting in the dining room with blockades down. But today, when TJ put up the defense system, we came home to him sitting in the dining room, barricades still in tact. Nothing had moved, and yet Mike was not in the kitchen. We still have no idea how he got out... but if he keeps this up we might just start a show: "The Amazing Mike Wazowski Houdini!!!" Until then we're going back to the drawing board and hope our bulldog doesn't keep out-smarting us!!

- Jo

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