Thursday, December 11, 2008

Smart Boys

We have been blessed with two very smart boys. We've known this for awhile now, but Tre & Colin have proven just how smart they really are just within the past couple of days...

First off, we have Tre. This past Tuesday was Tre's Christmas program, and he did great! But as the other kids were yelling and waving to their parents, Tre was just calmly standing there with his two hands folded nicely in front of him waiting for his instructions. Then when it was time to sing, he sang. Staying with the piano and singing nicely, again not yelling or rushing like the other kids. And when they were walking off the stage, he was such the rock star and kept walking, not acknowledging his fans (not even a tall one with a beard). TJ signed him the "I Love You" sign, and all we got was a smirck!! He did such a great job, and we're really proud of him! Other things Tre has done this week include:
1. knowing that a Santa we saw on TV was not the real Santa, just a daddy playing pretend because the real Santa is busy working in the North Pole.
2. when asked to help open the sliding glass door to let Mike Wazowski out he replied, "I'm not available right now."
Like I said, smart boy. But he's not the only one...

Next we have Colin. Even without speaking Colin is proving just how smart he is:
1. when asked where his nose is he correctly points to his nose. We're also working on his ear and other facial features.
2. can follow directions like "take the remote to daddy." Although it may take a little while to get there, he eventually gets the remote to TJ!
3. (the best) today at snack time he turned off the TV, resulting in Tre leaving his table and snacks to go turn it back on - yep, Colin went right for the snack bowl as soon as Tre had left the table!! Priceless!!

If Emma is even half as smart as these boys, we're in for some big trouble!!
- Jo

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