Friday, April 17, 2009

Tre Did What?!?

Since last year when Tre became potty trained he's enjoyed a certain perk of being a boy: peeing outside. He would drop trow, do his business, and then go on playing outside. Today he decided to take that a step further. He pooped outside. Yes... number two right next to the fort. But unlike number ones, number twos are a bit messier, and he didn't know what to do when he was all done. So he waddled up to the back porch (yes, waddled, because his pants were still down around his ankles) and asked for help. And after regaining my composure, I helped the kid out. And no... no video this time!! (The last time I had to regain my composure the boys had gotten into powder, and the video is on my facebook if you want to check it out!) So that's what Tre did today - pooped outside!

As for the other kids:
Colin will now kiss me before leaving the house and then says "Bye. Eee Yaa" (Bye. See Ya.) So Cute! He also has gotten into the habit of trying to crawl into Tre's bed at bed time instead of going to his crib. I have to grab him before he gets up there or he throws a tantrum!
And Emma is starting to coo and make other sounds besides crying! And she likes to fall asleep during tummy time. Tummy time, for those who don't know, is a set aside time for the baby to lay on his/her belly so that they can get use to lifting their head up and strengthening the neck muscle. And Emma sleeps during this time! I don't know if that's good (she's comfortable on her belly and so it will be a breeze in the months to come) or bad (her neck will never get strong and every time she lays on her belly she'll immediately fall asleep) - oh well, only time will tell!! (Just kidding, I know she'll be fine! Her Momma likes to sleep on her belly too... and my neck muscle is just fine, so it's all good!)

Okay, so that's what is up with my crazy kids! The boys are at the store with TJ and Emma is doing tummy time (read: sleeping!) so I'm gonna go enjoy the quiet while it lasts!!
- Jo

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The Langley's said...

That's hysterical!! Gotta love kids!