Wednesday, April 8, 2009

a month

So I know it's been about a month since our last post - sorry about that! I told you I would try my best to update as soon as I found a quiet minute! Well, it's not all that quiet, but here's a quick update anyway:

Emma had her one-month check-up last week. She's growing good, a perfect bill of health. She has a bit of thrush (white stuff in her mouth) so we have medicine for that; but other than that she's great. Sleeping, eating, burping, and making dirty diapers - oh the life of a new born!

The boys are running around even more. If you haven't seen the powder video yet, please check out my facebook page and comment about my crazy boys!! And then pray for me!!

We've also had lots of family & friends in town the last couple of weeks. Two weeks ago Jodi's girls were in for the weekend. TJ was working a lot that weekend so we basically stayed at the house and they got a first-hand look at a typical day for Jodi with the kids! We had lots of fun playing games, including Tre's new favorite 'Go Fish!' (thanks to Sara & Tara). We also celebrated TJ's 30th birthday with lots of family in town - which was good to see everyone and surprise TJ!

Upcoming we have Easter (yeah!) and doctor's appointments (boo!) - again, I'll try to update as much as possible!

peace out!

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Keri A. Ward said...

heeeeyyyy there!! thanks for the update! SO glad to hear everything is going well and Miss Emma is doing great. :)

I got your comment and it was so sweet! I Miss talking to you too. I only have a few more days left to go..YAY! I promise you we will catch up. Nothing much has been going on with me but Im sure there is stuff to share. I cant wait to check out the video. Oh yea! I want to come by and visit. Text me and let me know when is good for you...FOR REAL! :)