Thursday, December 24, 2009

Among the Chaos

I love Christmastime! And I am aware how crazy Christmastime can be... we had three parties in four days just last week! But even among the chaos of the season our family tends to still be "normal crazy" - still all of our normal stuff going on in and throughout all the other chaos. It's kinda fun! So here's what's new at the yellow house:

Emma is officially crawling! On her hands and knees she's crawling around and trying her best to keep up with Tre and Colin! But if they're moving too fast for her, she'll resort back to army crawling. She can also get herself up on her knees like she's trying to pull herself up. It's as if she crossed crawling off her list and wanted to move right away to pulling up and walking! We'll see how that goes!!

Colin says "OK" now. I know that doesn't sound like much. But it's hysterical! You tell him "go do this" or "give me that" and he says "OK." It's so cute! He seems to be talking more and more, and throwing tantrums more and more. But that is the life of a two year old!!

Tre had a great Christmas party last week at school. He was so excited all week about his class party and getting his stocking full of presents from his classmates. He got lots of candy, an ornament from his teacher, and they got to play a funny marshmallow game. The marshmallows were hanging from the ceiling on a string and the kids had to get it in their mouths without using their hands. Since Tre is the smallest boy in the class he had a hard time, so I gave him a boost to help the kid out! So funny!

Santa Claus comes tonight and the kids are excited! We're planning on putting reindeer food out in the yard for their snack, and of course milk and cookies for Santa Claus! We can't wait!! Merry Christmas everyone!!

- Jo

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