Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a 15 month old can do

Last week was Colin's 15-month check-up. And as the nurse was asking TJ the typical "can he do this" and "can he do that" questions Colin was doing pretty good (pretty much able to do most of the things she asked). Then the nurse looked at Colin's charts and realized she had asked all the 18 month questions! Apparently she had just looked at Colin and thought he was 18 months! So once she asked him the 15 month questions, he did great!! Here are some things Colin can do:

*feeds himself cereal with a spoon (it still counts even if he's a mess afterwards, right?!)
*put his juice in the refrigerator when the door is open (Tre usually opens it for him!)
*assists in putting clothes on/off
*carries his clothes to the hamper before bath
*he tries to jump but doesn't quite get his feet off the ground!
*can play "football" (gets in three-point stance, yells "down" and then runs at BG)
*likes to wrestle with Tre
*assists in brushing his teeth (we're still working on this because right now he likes his tongue brushed more than his teeth!)
*gives hugs and kisses

A cute story about that last item...
The other night when going to bed, Colin went to give Tre a good night kiss. I think he aimed for his cheek but got his ear instead! Tre was completely grossed out, which, of course, made Colin crack up and try to do it again (what are little brothers for, right?!). Colin tried again but Tre put his hand up telling him, "no," so Colin high-fived him instead, multiple times!! At this point both boys are laughing, and their high-fives turned to pounds/fist-pumps. Lots of brotherly love going around as they were saying good night. It was very cute!

So overall both boys are doing great.
- Jo

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