Sunday, January 4, 2009


The past couple of months Colin's vocabulary has been growing. We think his first official word was "dog" - and I say "think" because it wasn't exactly clear (kinda sounded like dawgie), but we're pretty sure it was "dog" because he said it as he was pointing to a dog. Here's a list of other words coming from Colin now a days:

Cookie (when getting Ritz crackers)
Down (when playing football)
Whazzup (with TJ)

And a bunch of blubbering that we think are words... but just can't figure out what they are just yet!

Meanwhile, Tre's vocabulary is pretty amazing for a three year old. His words include:

"What are we discussing, guys?"
"this toy isn't cooperating"

It's pretty amazing these days with these boys and their words. It'll be pretty funny when Colin talks more and the boys can discuss how to spoil Emma, or torture her... boys can be boys! Anyway, not much else to tell - I'll write soon with an update from the yellow house. Until then... Happy 2009!!

- Jo

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