Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting Ready for Emma!

So the past week or so the boys have been as crazy as ever. From Tre doing crazy dance moves around the house to Colin climbing on top of the dinner table to get food - things are a little hectic around the yellow house! And to think... we're adding a little girl to our mix in about a month!

Preparations are starting already! I've been nesting like crazy, cleaning everything from the shower caddy to a laundry basket! Moms are coming up bringing more clothes and toys (for both boys and the girl!) and we're having a baby shower soon to get more things this little girl will need! I still have to organize everything, of course - but that'll just help my nesting desires!

As for the boys, whether they're ready or not, that's kinda hard to tell. Tre will say, "I can't wait for Baby Emma to come" and feel my belly when she's moving. I think he's ready for his sister to be here, but we'll see how he adjusts to another little one running around! And Colin has no clue! He's so busy jumping on couches that I don't think he even realizes his world is about to drastically change! Again, we'll have to wait and see and how he reacts to Emma!

I, on the other hand, am ready! I'm trying to enjoy the last days of my last pregnancy... but it's kinda hard when your back hurts and the baby kicks hurt; I'm ready to have little Emma in my arms and not in my belly! We're super excited, and the countdown is going: only 4 Sundays left! Woo Hoo!!


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The Langley's said...

SO excited for you and TJ!!! Can't wait to meet sweet baby girl Emma.
Praying for you guys always!! :o)