Wednesday, February 4, 2009


There's this poll on facebook going around about 25 Random Things you post about yourself. I caved and did one, although I don't really like it. There are some things I forget to put and other things that were just throw-aways; I don't know if there really are 25 interesting/random things about me. But there are certainly random things about my kids, so I thought I would do a blog about them. Here are a few random things about my kids:

1. Tre sleeps with several Pooh Bears in his bed, but only cuddles with one which he calls "favorite".

2. Colin has three Eeyores in his bed, but ignores all of them for a Webkin puppy dog.

3. Tre is an incredibly picky eater; and not just with food but with drinks as well. He will only drink apple juice or water. And sometimes grape juice, but only at school.

4. Colin eats pretty well, as long as it's before six or right at six. Otherwise he doesn't like trying new things or anything. He just wants to eat. So we can feed him something he knows (hot dogs/ritz crackers) to fill his belly, and then he'll try something new or out-of-ordinary.

5. Tre could probably be playing professional baseball when he's an adult; his hand/eye coordination is incredible, hitting the ball more often than not!

6. Colin, on the other hand, will probably be playing football. It's one of the five words he uses on a daily basis, brings me a Gator book saying "football" (and can correctly identify the football on the sports page), and knows the three-point stance already!

7. Tre can correctly name the authors of his favorite books (Dr. Seuss, Norman Bridwell, Laura Numeroff, etc)

8. Colin also likes to look at books, but his most favorite is one called "I Love You Through and Through" that TJ and I got him for his 1st birthday. We read it every night before bed (along with his other favorite, "Go, Dogs! Go!")

9. Tre's new favorite show is called "Phineas & Ferb" about two brothers making mischief during summer vacation. It's also TJ's new favorite show!

10. Colin's favorite thing to do is dump toys all over the ground. Not play with them so much, just dump them and move on... I, myself, don't like this game so much!!

So there are some random things about the kids; maybe you already knew them, maybe not. Just thought I'd put it out there!

- Jo

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Keri A. Ward said...

i love it!! and tre is SO smart!