Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Growing So Fast

Well... it's been two weeks since Emma's been here, and this is what we know about her:
She likes to sleep on her side when we hold her... and doesn't like to be swaddled except at night
She has a dimple on her left cheek (just like her momma!)
The girl can burp! (just like her daddy!)
She is very intrigued by her brothers, and looks for Tre when she hears his voice
Other than that she pretty much just sleeps and eats.

The boys are growing fast too! Tre has been done with sippy cups for about two weeks now. He's doing pretty well so far, only a couple of mishaps at the dinner table. And Colin has moved into Tre's room as of last week, so it's officially "the boys' room". He's still in his crib, but the fact that they can share a room makes it easier to care for Emma overnight. Colin has also added the words "no" (which he says very emphatically) and "bye" to his vocabulary. Every time he sees a car he says "bye"... it's very cute!

So everyone is doing well, growing fast. And I'm trying to keep up with them all!

- Jo

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