Friday, May 22, 2009

The Kids

I was going to write about Colin being a goose... but I didn't want to leave the other rugrats out. So here's an update on all of the kids:

For a while I've been calling Colin a "silly goose" cause he's just silly. He'll start swinging around in circles for no reason. Or just start singing randomly. Being silly is becoming normal for him. And somehow "silly goose" is the name that's stuck. But recently he's living up to the name in another way. Recently he's discovered the enjoyment of goosing people! Yep... if he sees a little butt crack, he'll goose ya'!! And no one is safe. Not even Tre as he's going to the bathroom. That'll wake you up! Luckily Tre laughed... But we all have learned to watch out for Colin "the goose" Davis!!

Tre is doing well (aside from getting goosed by Colin!). He did have a mohawk for awhile and his behavior matched his punk haircut (read: he was a punk!!). But now that the mohawk is gone he's been much better. He's officially out of school. Last Thursday was his last day, the class spent it at the Art Museum feeding ducks (& turtles) outside and playing in the Kid Works area inside. We had lots of fun! We've been playing lots of Go Fish lately, which is always fun! And Tre has recently started the life-long enjoyment of video games!! He can play Wii tennis & boxing cause those are the two games that we have that don't require button pushing! He's actually really good at both!!

And Emma is officially in her own room at night! It happened by accident almost a week ago. After her bath I put her in her crib just to hang out while I was dealing with the boys, and by the time I got back to her room she was sound asleep. She fell asleep unswaddled, lights on, door open, and boys being loud. We've recently discovered this is how she falls asleep best. If you put her in her room with lights off and try to be quiet, she takes longer to fall asleep and usually cries in the process. But if the lights are on and the boys are being loud, she's out. Which is probably a good thing, cause more often than not someone is loud in the crazy yellow house!

So that's the update with the kids. TJ and I are doing also doing well. TJ leaves next week for his mission trip to the DR (Dominican Republic). Luckily his mom is coming up from Florida to help me! Can you imagine me by myself for eight days with these crazy kids!?! I don't think I would survive!

- Jo

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