Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Would You Like a Spot of Tea?

Ever since Tre started drinking from open-lid cups ("big boy cups") he's not allowed to carry his drink around the house like Colin is with his sippy cup. And he's okay with this... he just goes to the refrigerator, takes a swig, then goes about his day playing and what-not. See where I'm going with this? Well, not quite...

COLIN came up behind Tre and grabbed the jug of tea. Now there wasn't a lot of tea in the jug because Colin was able to lift it up and take it out of the refrigerator. And then the tea hit the floor!!! All over my newly mopped kitchen floor! (I had just mopped it last week, my first time since baby Emma's arrival!!) After using a half a roll of paper towels and mopping again... the kitchen floor is now clean... again. Not sure how long it'll last, but I'll just add this to the list of things my crazy kids do.

So for all of you keeping score
Kids - 3 (powder, tre pooping outside, tea on kitchen floor)
Mom - 0

Now I gotta go make more tea, which hopefully will NOT end up all over the floor!
- Jo

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