Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Wednesdays are pretty fun for the Davis family. TJ stays home in the morning and gets to play with the boys while Jodi enjoys watching them wrestle. This Wednesday was no exception, the boys played outside, made a mess in the TV room, and we all had a good lunch together. Especially Colin! He decided to try something new with his grilled cheese sandwich! Today at lunch Colin tried eating his sandwich with a fork! It kinda' worked because I had cut up the sandwich into small bites; but still, it was a little bit weird! We should've gotten a picture! Maybe next time...

Colin also had a bath even before lunch today! "Why?" you ask... in short because he's a mess! But here's what happened... As you know Colin loves eating other people's food! This morning TJ had a toaster strudel that Colin insisted TJ share! With the icing and fruit filling combination, Colin managed to get some in his hair. But that's not why he needed a bath, the playing in the dirt/mud outside is why he needed a bath! He was covered head to toe! It was just a nice added bonus to get the strudel out of his hair too!

Tre's had a pretty good day so far too. He keeps asking when he gets to go to school again. I'm really glad he's enjoying school and that he's learning so much! This week they're learning the letter "D" and their five senses. And next Tuesday he gets to take the snack bucket again!

That's about it for this Wednesday: eating sandwiches with a fork, baths before noon, and getting ready for school tomorrow.... just a typical day at the yellow house!!

- Jo

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