Monday, October 13, 2008

Those Wild Kids

You know when you're out and about and you see a couple of wild kids getting into everything and running around? Well those kids were the Davis boys today! We had our very first play date and boy did we have fun!!

We started at Books-A-Million. And if you've ever seen how much fun Colin has in emptying our bookcase, you can just imagine him in a BOOKSTORE!! He was in hog-heaven emptying as many book shelves as he could before I could get to him! Tre had fun at the bookstore too, but he had more fun at the fountain. There's a little fountain nearby that we decided to throw pennies into... you're supposed to throw one penny at a time, right? Not for Tre! He would throw as many pennies as he could at one time! I would have slowed him down except that I was trying to stop Colin from crawling into the fountain!! We left before we could make a disaster out of lunch too!

So, like I said, the Davis boys were those wild kids today! But we had fun! Hopefully we'll be invited back to another play date!

- Jo

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