Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chicken Little

Chicken Little is that love-able character that kinda over-reacts when an acorn falls on his head. He thinks the sky is falling! We lovingly call Jodi's mom Chicken Little sometimes because she has in the past been prone to go into "Chicken Little mode" when something goes wrong (example: flood of summer '98). Well it seems the acorn doesn't fall too far from the tree! (Ha!) Yesterday was Jodi's turn to have a Chicken Little moment! Here's what happened:

Jodi and the boys were outside for the first time in a couple of days (the weather has gotten colder and this Florida girl isn't quite use to it yet!). It was still pretty cold but I figured "that's why they make sweaters, right?" So we got bundled up and headed for the great outdoors! The boys were playing really good, getting dirty, all that good stuff. Then Colin decided to climb up the ladder to their fort, and after getting up a step or two, he fell. Not too bad, he kinda went to the left of the ladder straight to the ground, not necessarily backwards down the ladder, but still. I picked him up and brought him straight inside to clean up his one main scratch on the right cheek. It wasn't until I sat him down in the bathroom that I saw his head wound. Cue Chicken Little! The head wound is just a small surface wound (a small, pea-sized amount of skin was scraped off), but still... I could just tell I was going into "sky is falling" mode! I called TJ, calmly explained what happened, and told him to come home NOW!! I continued to nurse Colin (Tre was a good help entertaining Colin while I kept ice on his head) until TJ got home. Of course, all Colin has are scrapes and bruises on the right side of his face from scalp to chin, nothing too bad... but still. It's scary for a mom to see her baby hurt!

The rest of the day was calmer, and I knew Colin wasn't feeling too bad when he kept climbing on things all around the TV room! But still, we sent the boys to bed early (Colin with Tylenol!) and hoped that today would be better. We'll probably still go outside, but no more base-jumping off of the fort!! And I'll try my best to control my Chicken Little moments!

- Jo


Keri A. Ward said...

well at least that didnt happen when you were chatting with me on fb. :) I am glad to hear the Colin is ok and we will try to contain those chicken little moments..but hey, you are a just a mom that loves her babies!!

The Langley's said...

Love and Miss you Guys!!!