Friday, October 17, 2008

Holiday Season approaching

It's the middle of October and we're already talking about the holiday season. TJ and I have been trying to figure out our Thanksgiving and Christmas plans; when we're going to Florida, how to make Thanksgiving special, and how the heck we'll afford Christmas! It's crazy to think that it's right around the corner, and we really can't wait for the weather to get cooler, the decorations to go up, and how our boys will respond to all the fun!

Colin will be especially fun this year as he responds for the first time to Christmas decorations, family gatherings, and lots of food! It'll also be interesting to see how well Tre does and how much he'll look forward to everything now that he has a little bit more understanding of presents, Santa Claus and such. TJ's looking forward to seeing Colin tear into some presents, and we're all looking forward to seeing family at Christmas.

Thanksgiving will be a little difficult since we're staying in Alabama and won't have family around. But we're determined to still make it special and maybe start a couple of new traditions of our own (like making a kid-friendly Christmas tree on Thanksgiving!) Whatever we end up doing, we know it'll be special cause we'll be together in yellow house!

We're really looking forward to the Holiday season approaching! Even if it is only October!!

- Jo

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