Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Can Take a Hint!

My sister-in-law, who is a wonderful person, likes to drop not-so-subtle hints about this blog! She sent me a text today asking about what's going on in the yellow house - needless to say, I got the hint!!

My reply to Heather's text was haircuts and lunch, which I later thought might sound a little weird. But that's really what was going on - the boys got their haircuts (Tre's picture day is tomorrow!) and then we had lunch! I love being able to cut the boys hair at home... but I'm pretty sure we're not going to be able to take that approach when Emma needs a haircut!! :o)

Last Friday Tre and I had a Mommy Day: we had lunch together and then took a trip to the Art Museum! But in between those two locations we went to one of the greatest stores ever: Best Buy!! Tre had seen the store while we were at lunch and when I told him that they sold video games there, he wanted to go! I told him we could go as long as we didn't buy anything. And it's a good thing we made that deal, because Tre and I could have done some damage in Best Buy! We looked at all the movies, video games, computers, and made our way to the TVs. Tre's face was awesome as we walked through all the TVs, and then he said, "I wish they had a couch here!" I told him that if they did have a couch people would never leave. Then I turned around, and saw two plush seats sitting in front of the largest TV in the store... Tre was ecstatic! So we sat for about a minute, and then made our way to the museum - where, believe it or not, we had more fun there than at Best Buy!

Not much else has been going on, but we have a pretty busy next couple of weeks. As I mentioned before, Tre's picture day is tomorrow. Then next week we have fall parties at the boys' school. Four out of the five days we'll be having some sort of fall party that the boys need to take food in for - yeah, that's fun! Then, of course, Halloween! Tre is gonna do a repeat on his Peter Pan costume, we're pulling out Tre's old Pooh Bear costume for Colin to wear, and Little Miss Em will most likely be Tinkerbell (if the USPS can deliver the costume on time!) So, yea... that's about it. I'll blog again when Heather drops another hint!! :o)

- Jo

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