Friday, October 9, 2009

Week in Review

We had a pretty good week in the yellow house!

Emma got her first tooth in!! Which is good 'cause it was giving her some trouble; she had a fever and wasn't going to sleep all that great (once asleep she did fine, but getting her there was hard). So, yeah!!! It's finally in!!

On Wednesday Tre went to the Pumpkin Patch on a field trip with his school. He had lots of fun, and brought home a small pumpkin as a souvenir! But... picky eater that he is... he didn't have a lunch that day. Not that he wasn't able to, the lunch that we paid for was offered (hot dog, chips, and juice) - he just decided that he wouldn't eat a hot dog in the bun, and therefore didn't eat at all. Poor kid was starving by the time TJ picked him up from school - a full six hours after he had eaten breakfast! Hopefully one of these days he'll learn how to problem solve food issues... until then I'll continue to worry about him eating when I'm not there (boo!)

And Colin has found a new... how do I say this... hobby. Yea - that's what I'll call it, a hobby. He likes to empty the entire contents of his dresser. Every drawer. Every piece of clothing. On the floor. He's done it twice now. I really hope he tires of this hobby soon cause I really don't like folding clothes!!

So, yea... that's pretty much what's new around here! This weekend we have another soccer game, and TJ will be working lots as he's running lights for Junior Miss (beauty pageant) - but I'll update again next week with more craziness from the yellow house!!

- Jo

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