Friday, October 23, 2009

Carving Pumpkins... and a Watermelon?!

Getting into the Halloween Spirit!!

Carving Pumpkins... and a Watermelon?!

Yes, we carved a watermelon! About a month ago my parents brought up a watermelon and as it sat on our counter I began to wonder... why couldn't you make a jack-o-lantern out of a watermelon?! So we decided to give it a try! We also carved
Tre's little pumpkin that he brought home from his field trip about a month ago! You can see the finished products!

In other yellow-house related news: the kids are doing great. Colin has been bitten by a hugging bug cause lately he gives just about everybody a hug! Case in point: yesterday TJ took Colin to see a co-worker, Steve, to talk about audio stuff. As they were leaving, Steve got a hug! As they were picking up Tre a little girl said good-bye to Tre, she got a hug too!! And, if you know Colin, at bedtime you don't just get a kiss and a hug, you get noggin, pounds, high fives, park-it, and another hug and a kiss, and maybe one more pound. He's such a sweet boy!!

Little Miss Em is going through three or four outfit changes a day. But that's just due to her diapers not fitting (she gets to graduate to the next size as soon as she uses up all of these) - but still, I'm hoping this isn't going to become a norm for her!

So, yeah... that's about it! Blog soon!
- Jo

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