Sunday, October 4, 2009

An Update!

It was brought to my attention that I haven't updated since September 9. "Really?" I asked... wow, now I have a month to catch you all up on!! Luckily, most of you that actually read the blog have been here!! So you've gotten to experience the craziness of the yellow house firsthand!

In mid-September my cousin, Lorie, was here! She was in Alabama for other family reasons, and decided to stop by for a 24 hour visit! We had lots of fun playing trains and blocks, and by about 4 in the afternoon we had tired her out!! The last weekend of September my mom and dad came up to see Tre play soccer and celebrate Colin's 2nd birthday (which was on October 1). We got to go swimming at the hotel they were staying in, play Hungry, Hungry Hippos (mom's first time ever!), and introduced my dad to the Wii (which he now wants one of his very own!!). And this past weekend TJ's mom and sister, Heather, were up to see Tre play soccer. They had to endure some pretty frantic travel "bumps in the road" - including a canceled flight and two rental cars - so we were really glad that they went through all that just to come visit us!!

As for the kids - Colin is officially two and has the tantrums to prove it! But mostly he's still jumping off things and running around the house - same ol', same ol'!! Tre is pushing his limits to see what he can get away with - I know it's just to see how independent he really is - but, yeah... not so much fun. But he is doing GREAT at school! He knows his color names, vowels, and gets to go the pumpkin patch this week on a field trip!! Emma has been teething lately and not feeling so great; but she's sitting up so well, and is already getting up on her knees trying to crawl!! We are all doing great! And I promise I'll try to do better updating the blog!!

- Jodi

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