Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summa- Summa- Summa'time!

It's been awhile since I've blogged - I think this is the first since we've been home. We really enjoyed our time in Florida, but there's nothing like being home!!

The past couple of weeks we've basically been playing. Tre was back to playing Wii practically everyday; but he is now having scheduled playtimes. And soon the Wii will be available only through Davis dollars. Davis dollars is something I heard another family do that is basically in-home currency to teach kids how to manage money and earn rewards for doing special jobs around the house. TJ and I had talked about doing this as our form of allowance, we just weren't sure when to start the process. Well I guess the magical age is four!! Tre is turning four in August, so we decided that would be a great time to start. He'll have normal chores that he must do everyday (help clean his room, put shoes away, etc.) that he'll only get Davis dollars at the end of the week if he does all his chores everyday. But he can also earn more Davis dollars by doing special jobs (helping mom with laundry, helping dad with yard, etc.) that he can get whenever he goes above and beyond. The Rewards that he can buy with Davis dollars will include: movie night; playing Wii; special snack; date with Mommy/Daddy. We're going to sort of break the system in with Tre, and hopefully by the time the other kids turn four we'll have it down pat! But we're really excited about starting the Davis dollars!

Colin is talking so much more; even more so than when we were in Florida. Once we got home he's started saying: light, beep beep (for car), you (while signing thank you), please, E-O (for Eeyore), key, side (for outside)... it's just crazy how much more he's talking! And speaking of talking... Emma is a little chatter-box! There was one morning that TJ noticed Emma said more before 10am than Colin would probably say all day!! She just babbles and babbles! And the other day TJ had his mom on the phone, and when Emma heard her voice she tried to grab the phone! I said it was a girl's natural instinct!!

Anyway, that's all I can think of for now. Oma comes up tomorrow to help with kids while TJ is doing a Disciple Now event in Alex City (about an hour north of Montgomery). We're planning on doing some projects around the house (that will have to be for another blog) and celebrating Tre's birthdy with a special Grandma day (his real party will be the weekend before his actual birthday). So now that we're home and settled in I'll try to do better to update everyone on the craziness of the yellow house! Love to all!


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