Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Note to TJ - Toy Story

So here are notes to TJ - part 2. He's in Alabama while the rest of us are in Florida (read previous blog for what's going down with that...) Anyway, I figured you're reading this to know what's going on with the kids just as much as TJ, here we go:

Today Tre watched Toy Story for the very first time! I asked him which part was his favorite, and he described a scene that I don't think was in the movie. Something about toys coming together to rescue a girl? I don't know... I'll ask him tomorrow and see what his answer is then. BUT, I did ask him which he liked better: Buzz or Woody. He likes Buzz!

Colin got a special outing with Oma and Papa to run errands at Sam's. They must have tired the boy out cause we had some major tantrums during bath and while trying to go to bed. He was mad at me cause I only gave him a few bath toys and not all of them; it could've been World War 3 for all I know the way he was crying. Good Grief! And even after I put him to bed he was still whiny and cried about every five minutes. I finally gave him some drugs (read: Tylenol), so let's hope that works!!

And Emma is very close to rolling over! Even though TJ told her not to do anything fun while he's away, she's might do it anyway! I know that Colin's foot in her side prevented her from rolling over today... but we'll see about tomorrow!

I'll try to blog more over the weekend!!
- Jo

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