Friday, July 3, 2009

Note to TJ - Silliness!

Today was a silly day! And you know our kids... so you know just how silly they can be. Well, if their normal silly is like a 4 on any given day, today it was a 7!! But we had lots of fun, and it was a great day!!

We ran errands this morning with Oma: first to Target where we tried to get Tre a belt but couldn't find any small enough. Then to the dry cleaners where Oma tried to drop off a curtain, but they don't clean curtains so it didn't work out so great.... but while we were there Tre and I decided that it was the clothes cleaning store (to go along with the food store, belt store... you know how he is). We ended the outing with a trip to the park, where we decided to use the curtain as a blanket for Emma to sit on while the boys played. I think this is where our silliness started. Tre and Colin were running around, Papa Calvin brought Daisy up to visit, and we just had a generally great time - you know, being silly.

The funniest thing was the car-ride home from the park! We were dancing to all our favorite dance songs in the car, and teasing the kids about not having any nuggets or fries at Donald's. And I kept saying, "we will not tolerate silliness in this family" - but in a silly voice, while being silly. It was funny! I think we wore ourselves out cause we all had a good nap/rest time afterwards!!

Uncle Brian & Aunt Heather were back over to help with preperations for tomorrow's party. And the boys were really helpful too! The three of us were window washers: Tre squirted the Windex, I used the squegee (or however you spell that), and Colin had the paper towels to clean up the spots I missed. It was pretty awesome teamwork (you could practically hear the Wonder Pets theme song!!) They also helped Oma pick-up flower trimmings outside and clean the front walkway. As a reward they got to go swimming! But I think they wore themselves out cause they were in bed by 7:40, and I haven't heard a peep from them since!

We miss you lots! I'm glad we got to talk to you on the phone some tonight. We'll have to do that again before you go off to camp! Love you!
- Jo

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