Friday, July 31, 2009


Emma is mobile!! It's official!! She rolled over yesterday for the very first time, and then kept on going! She can go from back to belly, and back over! And now that she's discovered this new trick she tries to roll over everywhere! In the highchair, on the changing table... we think she's just showing off! But it's pretty cool to have her rolling!!

In the last blog I mentioned some projects that my mom and I would be working on while she's in town - we're basically painting the master bathroom and kitchen. And now that we have all the supplies we'll be getting those done over the weekend after we put the kids to bed. But it's not all work while Oma is in town; today we're celebrating Tre's birthday! We've already been to the book store (where he picked out a really cool 'Cars' book), the museum (where we also fed the ducks) and had lunch and a movie (101 Dalmations)! Tonight we're opening Oma's gifts to Tre, having pizza for dinner, and then cupcakes! That's just what I need... cupcakes to help keep me awake so I can paint!!

- Jo

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