Saturday, July 4, 2009

Note to TJ - July 4th

The kids and I celebrated the holiday by swimming - a lot!!

First we went to your grandpa's house and went swimming with the Smith familiy and Stacy kids. It was really good to see Travis and Amy, but I didn't get a chance to visit with them too much cause I was busy with kids. Hopefully we'll get a chance while we're both in town. But Tre did great jumping & swimming, and Colin was fascinated by the gnomes around the pool!

We went back to the Ruhle house where the party started sometime during our naptime. We basically did our normal schedule with snacks & playtime with the party going on around us. I had several comments about Tre's vocabulary and how outstanding it is! And people loved seeing Colin dance and of course commented about his eyes! Emma was squeeking away as usual, and people were convinced she was telling them something (which I'm sure she was!). Overall it was a pretty normal day, just filled with more swimming and more people around!

Bobby & Uncle Roger were in charge of fireworks, which is always interesting to witness. You never know what's gonna happen with those two around! Luckily the kids slept through it all... amazingly enough cause they had some mortars going off - and they were loud!!

So it was a good holiday! Not sure what the plans are for tomorrow; I guess we'll just see what the day brings!
- Jo

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