Monday, November 2, 2009


We had a great Halloween day! We started off a little rocky... Tre was pretty cranky and not sure if he wanted to play at his last soccer game, but once he got there he played great!! He actually engaged in the action and had an assist!! His coach kept him in the entire second half! I think the coach read my mind, cause I really needed Tre to be sleepy so he could take a nap and prepare for the festivities that night!! At the end of the soccer game he received a "trophy" - it's really a bobble-head, not sure if you can call that a trophy, but it's pretty darn cute!!

After naps and watching some of the Gator game, the kids got into their costumes! Tre was Peter Pan, Colin was Pooh Bear, and Emma was Tinkerbell. We went to our church where they had a fall festival, and Tre played games and we all watched a really good puppet show. Getting candy at first was a bit difficult: you had to play the games to be able to get any candy. But once the puppet show was going on, all the games started cleaning up... and since the youth were the workers for the games, they brought their leftover candy to TJ (who then put it all into Colin's or Tre's bucket!!) So we ended up with a lot of candy!!! Here are the pictures

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