Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home From the Holidays

Thanksgiving Holiday has come and gone... and so have we! We went to Florida for the holiday and had lots of fun playing with family & friends. Here's a quick recap:

Friday night we got into Florida and as soon as we got into my mom's house she had Emma in her hands. My mom said to Emma, "I hope you've had enough of your momma cause your not gonna see her for awhile!" - meaning that since Oma had her... she was not going to let her go for awhile! And she didn't, my mom got to rock Emma to sleep and get some extra cuddle time in with Little Miss!

Saturday & Sunday were cousins day! On Saturday Tre, Colin & Emma were dressed in their cult-ish polos (I say "cult-ish" because with all six cousins wore matching polos and they looked a little like a cult!) and took their yearly cousin picture for TJ's mom. Each year the photo shoot is lots of fun because of the little babies going a little crazy! Emma did great, just looked at us all like we were crazy, and Colin had to be talked into it a little bit, but did pretty good in the end. After pictures we played at the park and then had lunch together. On Sunday I dropped the kids off at TJ's mom's house while mom and I went to see a movie and do some shopping. So once again the kids got to play all day with their cousins! And we ended the day with a family game night with the Smith family and MaMaw - we played the Hippo game, a Toy Story Yahtzee, and a very funny game called Snorta! We love spending time with our family!

The rest of the week we visited more friends and family. Thanksgiving Day we spent some time with TJ's family and had dinner with my family. It was so nice to be able to see everyone. Tre was a little sad about leaving Florida, but when I told him we were decorating for Christmas the day after we get home - he was much better!

So now we're onto the Christmas season, lots of parties and events! So I'll do my best to blog about all the craziness of the yellow house AND the holiday season!!

- Jo

**Other funny stuff that happened in FL:
1. Emma in her Thanksgiving Day Turkey Suit! It was an outfit that said "My 1st Thanksgiving" but it had a little hat that looked like turkey feathers... very funny! Too bad she kept taking the hat off so we never got a picture... boo!

2. One day while the kids and I were riding in the car with my mom.... I called mom old and she hit me. I said "Oma, we don't hit people". She said, "It was a love tap." Then Tre chimed in saying, "Yeah, Oma is very loving. Oma is funny and smart. And Oma never cries!" Poor kid, she has him fooled!!!

3. Colin saying "Twistee Treat" - very cute!

4. The dogs! Mom has two dogs: Wrigley & Boo Boo. Once the kids got used to them (after about a day or so) they always wanted to say hi to them and know where they were all the time. Colin would walk around the house saying "Hi Wrigley, Hi Boo Boo" and Tre liked giving them their treats. Emma liked army crawling for their water bowl! So, yea, the dogs were a big hit with my kids!

5. All the grands! On Sunday when I dropped the kids off at TJ's mom's house she also had her other grandchildren over at the house; so there was a total of six kids! So she got about five good hours off all her grandchildren with her! At the end of the day she said, "I'm tired. It was lots of fun, but I'm tired!"

6. Social Butterfly. The times that we went out to lunch Colin was very social! We went to Tijuana Flats on Monday and he would wave or say hello to everyone who passed by the table. And on Wednesday we went to TJ's mom's new office building to see the new digs and have lunch with her. While sitting in the cafeteria Colin would say "hey" to anyone and everyone who passed by! And if they came up to talk with us, all he would say is "two" to tell them how old he is... other than that he wouldn't really talk. He just liked saying "hey" as they passed!

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