Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Round of Applause

An exciting day today!! Emma started clapping today!! I love when babies learn to clap! It's so awesome to see their minds working and watching as they put their hands together! I still remember when the boys learned:

Tre learned to clap about April 2006 when he was 8 months old. I remember because it was right around TJ's birthday. But I seriously almost cried when I saw him clap for the first time because it was so awesome to see his little brain working and how excited he got for accomplishing something so big!! Colin learned when he was about 8 months old while we were at my mom's house for summer break. What's cool about Colin's first clap is that Tre actually taught him! It was really special to see big brother teaching little brother!

So, yea, I'm a sucker for babies first claps! And today was Emma's!! It's her new trick that she'll be able to show off while we're in Florida!! We'll be there soon!

- Jo

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