Monday, November 16, 2009

Pre-Holiday Stuff

This is the "calm before the storm" time of year - right before the craziness of the holidays! So we've pretty much been spending our days as calm as possible. Not running around too much, enjoying staying home on Saturdays (thanks, again, to no soccer games!) and pretty much taking it easy. But, I still need to update the blog; so... here's what I got (although it's not much!)

Emma is officially army crawling! She goes forward pretty well, but it takes a lot to motivate her to do so. It's usually something she's not supposed to have that will motivate her too! Like my phone, or TJ's computer cables, or even her brother's shoe! I think it's the start of a shoe fetish! Anyway, she's crazy good at army crawling - just one more step to real crawling!

Colin is saying more and more words, and loving to read. Our favorite book right now is "Llama Llama Red Pajama" - it's so cute. And there's a part that says, "run, run, run" that Colin "reads" - it's awesome!

Tre is learning so much at school, the other day he came home talking all about King George and the pilgrims. He knew Plymouth Rock, and the hard travels from England to here.... he's so stinkin' smart!! And he's very musical too. Any song we hear on the radio he's usually singing the rest of the day. Crazy how stuff stays in his head!

The kids play pretty well when they're together too. If the boys are in the TV room Emma usually army crawls to where they are and tries to play too. When Tre is at school, Colin and Emma "wrestle" - which means they lay on each other and Emma will roll into Colin. And for some reason Colin likes to lay his head on Emma, either on her stomach or her butt - depending on how she's laying. But he's really sweet and they usually don't have too many bumps or bruises. They play well together now, we'll see how it goes as they continue to grow up!!

The holidays are coming up, of course. We're leaving for Florida by the end of the week. We have so many fun things planned, and we're all so excited about seeing our family. So, if I don't blog soon... it's just because I'm doing the holiday thing. Don't worry, I'll be back soon with updates on all the craziness!!

- Jo

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