Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Play Time

The weather has been awesome this week! I love having the windows open, feeling the cool air, and... kicking the boys outside to play!! That's right - I kick my boys outside (after snack time, of course) and let them play pretty much until it gets dark outside (stupid time change!). And the games they play are hilarious!

First you have the all-time favorite, tag. This is basically the boys running around each other, sometimes running into each other. It's a fun time had by all!

They also sometimes add a bit of hide-and-seek. It's hilarious listening to Colin count, "one, two... one, two..." he hasn't quite learned the rest of the numbers, but he "counts" the best he can - it's so cute!!

And, finally, they play in the dirt. And they get dirty!!! Sometimes they pour dirt on each other, sometimes they throw dirt at each other (despite my many warnings not to), luckily they haven't eaten any dirt... yet!

Today they added "picnic" to their games... but for some reason they wanted to have real food at their fake picnic. They were coming in and out of the house getting their picnic supplies (fake plates, fake food, etc), Tre came in and got some real juice (he got a juice box, I figured it wasn't that big of a deal). But at some point one of the boys also pulled out of the refrigerator the baby carrots and ranch dressing. I looked outside the sliding door and saw the ranch bottle sitting on the patio, and Tre putting the carrots on each of the fake plates! I asked him why they had food out, and he reminded me, "but mom, we're having a picnic!" I replied, "But you're having a fake picnic, you can't have real food at a fake picnic." Ah... boys!

This Saturday is the first Saturday in two months we don't have to be anywhere (now that soccer is over!!) So who knows what kind of trouble they'll get into then!!

- Jo

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