Monday, June 1, 2009

Note to TJ (2)

Well.... we had a quite a day! Like I told you on the phone we were all up at 6am (which I just loved that you called, and I know the boys did too). But we had a very long day!

We decided to do a trip to Wal-Mart this morning to get some more sidewalk chalk and see if we could find another slip 'n' slide. Colin kept pulling the hose out of the one we have (remember, it's busted on the side) and it was getting super annoying! So off we went to the store, and actually found one for only $2!! We were super excited, and decided to splurge on a kiddie-pool as well! Well, when we got home, we realized why the slip 'n' slide was only $2... it busted in the same spot as soon as your mom turned on the hose. Soooo aggravating!! But the pool was a success, we just need to find a good/level spot in the yard!

After lunch we were all very tired, so I put on Wall-E for me and Tre to watch, hoping that he would fall asleep during the movie. No such luck. But he really liked the movie; his favorite part was when Wall-E and Eve were outside the spaceship flying around (and Wall-E had the fire extinguisher). After the movie we had quiet time, and got to play some Wii before going to Moe's. In Wii boxing, Tre knocks out Mamaw almost as soon as the fight starts every time they play! Not that I should talk, he knocks me out within the first round, but at least it's not at the beginning of the fight! But now neither one of us will play boxing with him, we just stick to tennis!

Emma is finding her hands some, which I know we both love that part of development. The funny thing is, she looks at it long enough just to stick her fingers in her mouth!! And she has this new thing where she puts her leg on the outside bar of her bouncy-seat, and then yells at you that her foot is stuck. Yea... that's fun!!

Dinner at Moe's was good. Colin kept saying "hey" to everyone! And once we got home we played more Wii and wrestled. Needless to say, I haven't heard a peep from them since I put them to bed! Tomorrow we're planning on going to the art museum, and hopefully be able to feed the ducks before hand. We miss you lots. It sounds like you're having a great time and I really wish we could talk more to hear all the details! Love you & miss you lots!!

- Jo

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